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Thursday, October 22, 2015


The London Daily Mail is pushing a dream ticket for Republicans: Trump/Carson.

From the Daily Mail:
Top Republican Donald Trump didn't say no to joining forces with the man polling at No. 2, Dr. Ben Carson. 
'Well, I like him, he likes me,' Trump said. 'I mean stranger things have happened.' 
Though the billionaire frontrunner said he's not counting his chickens before they hatch. 
'But it's too early to think about,' Trump said yesterday during an interview with CNN. 
Trump was asked about this ticket after a new CNN/ORC poll had Trump and Carson as the only Republicans with double-digit levels of support.
In the poll, Trump had the support of  27 percent of Republicans, while Carson got 22 percent. 
'Well, we've hit a chord. And we're not as different as people think,' Trump said of Carson. 
'You know we have a very good relationship. We're not as different as people think, but there is certainly a different style. You know, I have great assets and he has some great assets, but we are both resonating, there's no question about it.' 
He was asked a question and he gave an answer.

Certainly, Carson would make Trump more palatable.


  1. I fully anticipate a Trump/Carson ticket barring a Rubio rally. "Dream ticket" not hardly. Certain doom actually. As George Will pointed out, Romney and McCain got just as much as the white male vote as previous R winners like the Bushes and Reagan. Why did the former lose and latter win though? Minorities are determining the elections. Does Carson -- who has been quoted as saying he thinks the anti-Christ is already walking this earth right now; the end of times is near and his Muslim-president quote which shows he needs to greatly brush up on the U.S. Constitution -- give Trump the minority vote he so desperately needs. Not one bit.

  2. The Odd Couple. Carson would not be a winning choice for VP. Few blacks will vote for a Conservative black man. Plus, to the best of my knowledge, Carson does not have a vagina, and the election will turn on the women's vote. Because abortion.