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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Truly sorry? Then resign

Patricia Nuñez, a judge in New York City who gave a serial drug dealer rehab instead of jail, is "truly sorry" about his killing a police officer in cold blood.

She told the New York Post it “breaks my heart” that her career criminal killed police officer ­Police Officer Randolph Holder, 33, and “I am truly sorry.”

If she is truly sorry, she should resign. She made a deadly mistake and she she do the honorable thing by resigning.

An apology will not bring Randolph Holder back to life, but a resignation will make it more difficult for the drug dealers of New York who own judges like Nuñez to make a living.

And yes, it is time to start telling the obvious: Drug dealers and gang bangers thrive in cities because the Democratic Party accepts bribes to look the other way. No one -- I mean absolutely no one -- in America is saying that today. We fear the truth in this country.


  1. We doubt the is 'truly sorry', because Dems just aren't truly sorry about anything but getting caught red-handed.

  2. There is a reason why there should be term limits for judges: some judges are corrupt, some are senile or incompetent, and some just show poor judgement. Judges at all levels should be reviewed periodically by the appointing authority to retain their positions. Fixed contracts of 17 years, renewable one time only, should be the rule at the federal level (including the SCOTUS). Contracts of 11 years, renewable twice should be the rule for any current lifetime-appointments at the state and local level. Make a terrible mistake in judgement? Too bad, pack up your office belongings and apply for your pension.

  3. Well, as long as she's sorry...

    The drug dealer had only been arrested 28 times (from age 13; he's now 30). He must not have known he wasn't supposed to possess a gun since he was a felon...

  4. Kudos for speaking truth to power, Don. Only drug dealers aren't the only ones Dems take bribes from, and their shakedown operations run like clocks. It is truly amazing to witness it first hand as I have and realize that if you say anything about it in public you are subject to years of slander litigation because you don't have the bastards on tape conspiring in the way you know had to have happened for things to have happened the way they did. They are so instinctively crooked they can anticipate the responses of their compatriots with the slightest hints, and you can see coordination between entire departments of local government to destroy outsiders.

  5. If she was a conservative who had tough words for some protected class thug when she sentenced him there would be calls for her to resign or be removed by the legislature.