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Friday, October 09, 2015

Today in junk science

Tomboys grow up to be promiscuous.

A few scientists said it, therefore, it must be true.

From the Daily Mail:
Girls who are tomboys grow up to have more lovers whether they are straight or gay, a study has found.
For it seems the genes that make women more masculine may also make them more promiscuous, researchers say.
The finding helps explain why homosexuality doesn’t die out, even though lesbian couples are not able to naturally have children carrying the genes of each partner.
This is because straight tomboys have more lovers than others – and so the ‘tomboy DNA’ stays in circulation, according to the study carried out by a team from King’s College London.
Researchers questioned almost 500 pairs of twins about whether they were attracted to men or women, how many lovers they had had and about their levels of ‘childhood gender non-conformity’ – if they were a tomboy and whether they preferred to play with boys rather than other girls. 
They compared the answers from identical twins, who share all their DNA, with those of non-identical twins, who share only half their DNA. 
Also, vaccines give kids autism.

Deodorant causes Alzeheimer's.

And Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is carcinogenic.


  1. We do love us some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Science!
    Tomboys: Insufficient number of examples; more data needed; who did, and will pay for further research?
    Food Babe: Seems properly debunked.

  2. Not all tomboys become lesbians, but all lesbians start out as tomboys? Hmmmm. Verrrrryyy interesting. I'll give it some thought.....NOT.

  3. Starbucks anything isn't really made for human consumption anyway. Over-roasted crap with a side of bitter and a dash of tastes like battery acid.

    I will say the most promiscuous girls I knew were 'tom boys' but that's a sample size of one.