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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stuart Rothenberg: Cruz is the Republican answer

Stuart Rothenberg is a sensible political observer who increasingly is frustrated with conservatives outside Washington. In a column in Roll Call, Rothenberg said Republicans need to nominate Ted Cruz.

"It’s time to make the anti-establishment wing of the GOP put up or shut up," Rothenberg wrote.

Rothenberg also wrote:
According to those conservatives, the GOP loses when “squishy” Republican nominees don’t offer voters a sharp contrast, and because of that, millions of conservative voters sit at home, unexcited with the choices offered.
Even the government shutdown of two years ago didn’t convince tea party conservatives in Congress that their strategy was unwise and backfired dramatically. After all, they now can note — Republicans made additional House and Senate gains in 2014, even after all the media hysteria associated with the shutdown.
Of course, national polling from respectable pollsters showed substantial damage to the GOP brand during the shutdown, but the party was saved by the administration’s messy launch of its Obamacare website. It isn’t clear that Democratic ineptness will save Republicans from themselves a second time.
Hmm, well, that is an interesting re-write of history. Weren't those the same pollsters who said Romney would win? Most Americans could not care less about the government shutdown because nothing happened.

But, OK. Fine. Punish us with Cruz. Rothenberg sees him as Goldwater. Cruz's supporters see him as Reagan.

I still like Carly best, but if it is Cruz, so be it.


  1. Cruz would be the best nominee since Reagan. He understands the issues to the core and takes most of his stands out of principle, not pander or politics. He's a bit angry or off-putting to the masses at times, but as for me I couldn't be more excited if he got the nomination.

    I might quit my job and go campaign for him full-time. I think it might well be a struggle or a loss, but it would be worth the fight for Cruz. I don't see this as a re-run of Goldwater, as much as he should have won. His opponents are not in the same league as LBJ when it comes to political savvy.

    Fiorina is a polished speaker too, I don't see her winning, but would support her just as much if she did. And she would be a great addition as his running mate too.

    We can only hope he wins ...

  2. "the party was saved by the administration’s messy launch of its Obamacare website"

    Really? As far as I can tell, the only thing about the launch of Obamacare that got people upset was the realization that the cheap health CARE they expected based on false promises made to them by Obama had a catch, namely, the insurance policies they now had to buy came with huge deductibles that raised their cost of healthcare instead of lowering it. Once again people learned the hard way that if something seems to be too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

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  4. Stu doesn't sound all that sensible to me.

  5. The last election was the last one that mattered. Why should anyone vote?
    5 "justices" overruled my state supreme court. Prepare for the next civil war, the Cathedral controls our society, but not those who care.
    The Revolution was won with a third of colonists. I think we count for 34% now.

    1. 3%, not a third. There was a cheering section, but most people cared not.
      That number has remained pretty static through our national history. even in WW2 the number of people committed to the cause was still low. 2/3 of the military were drafted. The same number attributed to Vietnam where in fact, the majority were volunteers who stepped up and joined the fight.
      I wish you were right about the 34% figure, but again, most people are too concerned with having enough take home pay to get home on to worry about how the downward spiral has turned into a nose dive.
      The people pulling the strings control Jeb, Hillary, and most of the field. The three not under their thumb are Trump, Cruz, and Sanders. There might be others, but right now it looks like the game plan for the elite is a clinton vs Bush clown show.