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Saturday, October 10, 2015

President Kasich? Get Over It!

John Kasich could have been a contender. Bright, experienced, telegenic, and a very popular governor in the must-win state of Ohio, Kasich could have been The One.

But on Friday, he blew it when he told a man to "get over it" and thatvhe will cut Social Security benefits.

The hell you will, John, the hell you will. I began paying my Social Security Insurance Premium at 16 when I made $1.30 an hour. No company gets away with promising a 16-year-old kid one thing and then not delivering when he is 62. Any politician who suggest that should jump into Lake Erie.

From CNN:
Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Friday that a New Hampshire audience member would "get over" cuts to Social Security payments as a result of his reform plan -- and the left is already pouncing on the comment.
The Republican presidential candidate was asked about entitlement reform during NH1's "Fiscal Fridays" series in Concord, New Hampshire, on Friday, and he said it was something that would have to get done.
"We can't balance a budget without entitlement reform. What are we, kidding?" Kasich said when asked about his opponents who say they won't touch entitlements.
Kasich said he was part of the effort to reform Medicare and Medicaid in the '90s, and that he also had a plan to change Social Security so that initial benefits were lowered for individuals not yet near eligibility.
He asked audience members to raise their hands if they were far from receiving Social Security, asked them if they knew yet what their initial benefit would be and then asked them if they would be bothered if it were a little lower for the good of the country.
One person said it would be a problem.
"Well, you'd get over it, and you're going to have to get over it," Kasich joked.
Within an hour, the liberal PAC American Bridge was already out with a video of the encounter, and the New Hampshire Democratic Party quickly circulated the video, saying Kasich "threatened our Granite State seniors."
Kasich is wrong. Totally. He should apologize to Republicans for feeding liberals a talking point about Republicans wanting to destroy Social Security.

He should apologize and then bow from the race.

By the way, there is no Social Security "tax." Your payroll deduction falls under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. FDR set it up that way so they could never take it away from you.

I liked Kasich, but he touched the third rail of American politics. That's a darned shame, too.

Fixing Social Security is easy. Conress now pays a mere 3.6% interest on the money socked away in teh Social Security Trust Fund. Raise that to 6%. Problem solved.


  1. Why don't we cut Kasich's congressional pension? Maybe he could "get over" that.The pensions we pay our congresscritters are outrageous. These people were supposed to be citizen legislators not professional politicians who are set for life after two terms in Congress. Disgusting! And they want to cut the benefits that we have been paying for for all of our working lives? Like Don I started paying into Social Security at 16.

    1. I wish they had a "like" button for these comments.

    2. Maybe we should dig into some of the cumshaw he has been accumulating for the last several years. Or the other idea is good. Let's see how he does when he receives $1000 a month fixed income to live on.

    3. A small cut in their retirement would be reasonable. 100% or maybe even 110%.
      Any pension should be voted on and approved by the voters, their voters, and paid from the state coffers. It should require reapproval every two years and the amount should be based on the percentage of voters who approve. Make the base pension 2% per year of service. If 50% of votrs agree, they get 50% of that. If they only garner 10% support, well, they get a fake gold watch.

  2. Don I sympathize with your sentiment. I am on Social Security myself and would have a hard time making ends meet on a reduced benefit. But the fact is that legally SS benefits are not guaranteed. With Obama running up debt at an astronomical pace and the GOP controlled Congress doing nothing about it the day when the Piper must be paid is fast approaching.

    1. Then let the crisis come. My idea is that you keep the bennies for the old folks and start cutting what you pay out to young ladies and start slashing entire federal departments first. I won't think this country is turned around until I start hearing stories about bureaucrats being so poor they have to eat their pets.

    2. That was supposed to be lazies, not ladies, but it works either way.

  3. This is the same week Kasich said we have an obligation to provide healthcare to everybody. Maybe he should run against hillary and Bernie for the dem nomination.

  4. Remember the "SoshSecurity Lock Box"? Know what's in it? Not the payments from our paychecks, but IOUs for spending it.

  5. Social Security is not the reason why the government runs huge deficits. The budget deficits are the result of excessive spending on other programs: some of which are entitlements (like Medicare, like Obamacare, like student loans); along with core government responsibilities (like national defense); plus interest on the enormous debt the profligate Obama has burdened the country with, etc. IIRC, despite its long-term problems, Social Security is still taking in more money in premiums than it is paying out in benefits. If the operating budget of the country is to be balanced, then it should be balanced by cutting the excessive spending on programs that are actually causing the financial drain on the Treasury. For years, the government has used Social Security as a cash cow, forcing it to provide the Federal government with a low cost loan to pay for government operations. To "reward" SS beneficiaries who've been forced year after year to accept below market returns on their SS contributions by cutting their retirement benefits would be outright theft.