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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Prediction of the day

Tip of the hat to Robert Bell.

40 years ago, 2015 looked bleak.

Of course, I never bought it. Never bought overpopulation. Never bought nuclear annihilation. History shows people predict The End Of Man and make lots of money, but Man continues to stumble along. We are a dumb and lucky race. God keeps hoping we will be better, and so He protects us from ourselves. Who am I to argue with God?


  1. You can officially add "climate change/global warming" to the list. French and German scientists have announced they have identified a huge, but previously unknown source of atmospheric cooling, which is missing from existing global climate models. The new finding may account for the discrepancy between the dire predictions of the existing climate models and the actual measurements of global temperatures, which show no sign of the warming predicted by the models. In a word, the science in the current climate models probably overlooks other significant physical processes beyond this particular example, and in their current state of incomplete physics the model predictions are almost certainly invalid.

  2. How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?

    I'm not sure about the ocean but they've been telling me the sky is falling for about 70 years now and it's not here yet.

  3. We've all seen and heard commercials telling us to "Act Now Before It's TOO LATE". It never gets to the "too late".