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Friday, October 09, 2015

Obama wins his War on Coal

The Charleston Gazette shed crocodile tears for the 2,000 miners who received official notice of layoffs from Patriot Coal. The Gazette could barely conceal its glee over Barack Obama winning the Democratic Party's long War on Coal. The Gazette is its chief propagandist.

The numbers as reported in a Gazette editorial show that under Barack Obama's presidency and part of Bush's the number of miners in the state fell from 42,744 miners to 15,012.

Those are $60,000-a-year jobs to $75,000-a-year jobs. Miners are a prime target of boat, car, and truck dealers, who buy those expensive full-page color ads in the newspaper. Already wracked by an ever shrinking ad base -- and with a $1.34 million lien on the newspaper's property by a government agency -- I do not think the Gazette editorial board realizes the peril it faces. Years of having the Daily Mail's publishers handle the business side of Charleston Newspapers took its toll when the Gazette took over the Daily Mail in 2004. The Clay family and later, Thomson Newspapers, saved the Gazette from itself.

Now, well, rather than support the one private industry in the area that is thriving -- besides Walmart and the dog track -- the Gazette attacks it with the junk science produced by liberals and the government. It has a full-time reporter assigned solely to the task of attacking the coal industry.

In the Gazette's fantasy world, carbon dioxide is not a nutrient and base of human life on Earth, but a "pollutant."

But in the real world, the West Virginia economy is in the toilet, again -- thanks to the Democratic Party's War on Coal.


  1. They killed the chemical business there, didn't they? Those were good-to-high-paying jobs. Now, coal. Why do they hate West Virginia jobs?

  2. When government can't find a problemg, they get creative!

  3. Someday someone will mine our coal. It won't be the current private business owners though. After the gov't takes over the fossil fuel energy sector, it will lease the various parts to cronies.

    Lefties have no original ideas; they only know how to emulate the Marxist tactics of South America, Europe and parts of Africa. We know how that's worked out for them.