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Monday, October 12, 2015

Now, supporting the police is racist

From the network that brought you "Dragnet," "Adam-12," and a host of other cop shows comes one of the ugliest, most anti-American, vile, and anti-police statements ever: That protesting the killing of cops is racist.


From The Daily Caller:
The Grio, the NBC News website “devoted to providing African-Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them,” declared billboards proclaiming “Blue Lives Matter” to be an example of white supremacy.
In what reads as an opinion piece curiously filed under “news,” the Grio declares, “Blue Lives Matter billboards don’t honor fallen officers, they discredit black humanity.”
Writer Lincoln Blades writes, “when I heard that advertising agencies were planning to post billboards honoring fallen police officers, I immediately thought it would be a great idea. But, once I saw the actual billboards themselves, with the words ‘Blue Lives Matter’ printed boldly across the billboard, I instantly felt sick to my stomach.”


  1. Black humanity? The people who kill each other at the rate of one every 16 hours and 45 minutes in Chicago? Granted, not all of those are black, but a large majority (around 85%) are) and that is just in one city. It's repeated in Detoilet, Baltimore, Nawlins, St. Louis, Newark, and many other large cities around the country with large black populations. The cops kill nowhere near as many blacks as they kill each other. It ain't racist if it's the truth.

  2. There aren't enough trees in the world to provide enough wood to build billboards to honor the blacks killed by other blacks. When "black lives matter"start worrying about those blacks they'll be significant. Until then they are just another racist organization.

  3. I will be greatly disappointed in readers here if any of the three blocks is checked. If you disagree, please tell me why.

  4. #BlackLivesMatter = Black Ku Klux Klan.

    It's not about equality or legitimacy. It's about political posturing and collecting big payoffs.

    Ready for this #BlackLivesMatter? The black community destroyed itself. It has nothing to do about slavery that ended generations ago. It has everything to do with selling yourselves to the welfare state that started a half century ago and living on the Democratic Plantation ever since.

  5. Mayhap the NYPD should intimate that calling 911 won't move them up the precedence chart.