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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jeb uses dad's 1980 playbook

The headline on CNN: "Bush: Trump 'dangerous' on national security."

Didn't his dad say the same thing about Reagan?


  1. So you are comparing Trump to Reagan? You are citing a CNN opinion piece to bring down Jeb? You like CNN now? You really believe Trump when he says he would have prevented 9-11 and Bush II was at fault for 9-11? I thought it was Clinton's fault for 9-11? Did Bush I really say that about Reagan in 1980 and didn't Bush I get elected President after serving as VP with Reagan? Confusing post Don.

  2. Dear Anonymous. Please use the name/URL option instead of the anonymous label. It's good to be able to maintain continuity on the commenters. I use the name/url option but since I don't have a web page, I leave that part blank.

  3. Trump is wrong to blame W instead of Clinton (or, going back even further, Father Bush), but Jeb's retort that W kept us "safe" is just nonsensical. Is there any evidence the terrorists had plans for follow-up attacks to 9/11? Or was this a huge, one-off success for them, which they never had the ability to duplicate and could never expect to repeat? I give W credit for leading the country through a period of horror and confusion following the attack. None of Obama's "leading from behind." Patriotic Americans were quick to rally behind him. The response and recovery in the immediate aftermath of the attack could have been a lot worse, like some super Katrina. But the wisdom of what followed much later, Bush's decision to launch our nation's adventures in the Middle East, is something I am not yet prepared to judge.

  4. Why should I trust anything on CNN? I see no reasons to.