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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jeb Bush dropping out?

Dmitri Voltova at Prntly reported that fund-raising woes may force Jeb! Bush to drop out of the 2016 presidential race.

From Dmitri Voltova:
Jeb’s fundraising numbers leave a lot to be desired.
Now that the third quarter figures are in, Jeb is now also losing the money race.
Jeb cannot possibly win if he is not standing shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump at the debate, and recent polling suggests that Trump will be flanked by Carson and Ted Cruz, with Jeb sitting on the outskirts of the debate with Christie.
Donors are calling and are not pleased. They see that Jeb wasted all their money and is still #6 in the polls, and sinking fast.
Yikes. It is a marathon, sure, but once you fall this far behind, it is difficult to make ground back.


  1. Funding woes. Campaign tactics woes. Dirty-tricks-on-fellow-"Republicans" woes.

    Woe woe WHOA!

    You might not like Trump, but you have got to love what he is doing to the GOP.

    1. With or without Donny, John Ellis Bush would come to this end. The base is tired of another fake conservative and they will soon become tired of the blow-hard progressive populist masquerading as a Republican and making promises he cannot possibly keep.

      The establishment royalty of the GOP have a huge decision as to where the party organization will concentrate its support. Even though I would not favor the outcome, my guess is Rubio gets the support because he has been willing to bend in the past. They might throw Carly in as VP to provide balance against the Clinton Crime Syndicate. There are fond memories of the Palin promotion that united the party.

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  2. Looks like I may vote in the general election after all. It will be nice to have a choice instead of tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.

  3. Jeb Bush = Obama Lite

  4. Honestly, I'd walk in my bare feet, Bruce Willis-like, across sharp pieces of broken glass before I'd vote for Jeb Bush. It's not only because no family, not even the revolutionary Adams family, deserves to count three presidents among its members, but JB is insufficiently conservative to get my support. He's squishy on every issue I care about. Go home Jeb, please, go away.

    1. Maybe he prefers Dave Wottle style come from behind victory!