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Monday, October 19, 2015

Islam has supplanted communism for hippies

Remember the American Taliban, John Walker Lindh? He was the son of divorced hippies in affluent and 90% white San Anselmo, California. Instead of turning to Karl Marx, he turned to Osama bin Laden.

Since then a few other white sons of liberals have joined the Islamic fanatics. The latest is Lucas Kinney, whose father is a compatriot of Steven Spielberg.

From the London Daily Mail:
Mother Deborah Phipps, 53, who was divorced from Lucas's father when he [Lucas] was still at primary school, told yesterday of her dread that her son will be the next Briton killed by a RAF drone strike or in a Russian bombardment, and her fears that he might become a suicide bomber.
Mrs Phipps, who receives occasional emails from her son, is at a loss to explain how he went from a bright, normal teenager to a Muslim fanatic.
After leaving school he attended Leeds University but dropped out after a year. He played in a series of rock bands then went to live with his father in Vienna. It was there that he is believed to have been radicalised.
He is now a figurehead of the Syrian al-Qaeda-linked group Jabhat al-Nusra, and has starred in two propaganda videos posted online under the nom de guerre Abu Basir al-Britani.
Mrs Phipps, who now lives with her second husband in a honey stone executive home in the West Country, with a smart Jaguar parked outside, told the Mail her jihadi son faces continual danger.
Threats include rival Islamists Islamic State – who could capture him as a British trophy – as well as the Syrian army and Russian bombers, and also from RAF drones which have been used to assassinate UK jihadis there.
Jag in the driveway.

Head up her arse.

I guess with the fall of the Soviet Union, the sons of the affluent have turned to Muhammad for guidance as they take out on society their own problems.


  1. Judging by that picture of him, I'd say his only other option to aggravate his parents was to get a set of fake boobs and change his name to Caitlyn, but he probably figured they'd be cool with that, so he went the jihadist route. That'll show those meanies!

  2. What the heck does Steve Spielberg have to do with this story? Aren't we all "compatriots" with each other across this city, state, country? SMH

  3. I say let them go...confiscate their passport as they are boarding the plane. Some decisions can never be undone!