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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Clinton in West Virginia

West Virginia Democrats brought in Bill Clinton to speak to 2,000 fat-cats, trial lawyers, and special interest lobbyists. The party said it only paid his "expenses" and not his normal corporate fee of $500,000 for a 45-minute speech.

The richest ex-president ever talked about income inequality, and bemoaned the many problems of West Virginia -- which just dumped the Democratic Party last year after eight decades of Democratic Party control of both houses in the state Legislature.

From Dave Weigel of the Washington Post:
West Virginia's Democrats, who ruled the state for generations, have looked forward to a Clinton restoration almost since the moment Barack Obama put it on hold. In 2014, despite distancing themselves from the Obama's administration's environmental policies, local Democrats lost a Senate seat, a House seat, and an 83-year old grip on the state legislature. Before Clinton spoke, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) argued that Republicans were "masters at dividing us" and preventing the party for telling their story.
Clinton nodded at that reality by never mentioning Obama's name. "The administration in Washington doesn't get as much credit as they deserve for preventing a great depression," he said, in a rare moment of recognition that a Democrat occupied the White House. The room was instead drenched in nostalgia, with Manchin twice calling Clinton "the best president we've ever had," and an opening prayer thanking the president's recently controversial foundation for "its good work spreading the good news across the globe."
The 2016 election served mostly as a way for Clinton to talk about the gap between the rich and poor, and how only Democrats knew how to close it. "You cannot run a country where two-thirds of the economy depends on consumer spending with increasing inequality," said Clinton, contrasting job growth under Democrats to growth under Republicans. "In the Reagan years, only 77,000 people moved from poverty into the middle class. When we did it, 100 times as many people did."
Of course, that is a made-up number pulled from the convicted perjurer's bunghole.

The gap between rich and poor has not been wider in post-slavery America than it is today thanks to the Democratic Party. They are doing for our nation what the party did for West Virginia.

I love my state, but I hate the poverty, the drugs, and the hopelessness that the Democratic Party left in the wake of its eight decades of corrupt rule.

Byrd's dead, Hillary's going to jail, and Barack's reign ends in 16 months.


  1. "Byrd's dead, Hillary's going to jail, and Barack's reign ends in 16 months"

  2. The Dem party only exist to destroy the middle class. They hate them, everyone one of us.

    1. It being pretty obvious they are doing their best at doing their worst to us.

  3. Are you as pissed about when you receive your first Social Security deposit (not check) as I am? My misfortune was to have a birthday late in the month. As I was getting all the options (over the phone) I was finally informed that I would be getting my deposit "a month in arrears." In my case, because my birthday is on the 25th, I won't get my first SS money until the FOURTH WEDNESDAY IN STINKIN' OCTOBER!!! How does this make sense? And if I would have earned more money to tide me over, I, of course, would have been penalized. So I am not getting a benefit for my first seven weeks of retirement. I call mega BS.

    But congratulations just the same.