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Friday, October 16, 2015

Chuck Todd, out of touch

"Meet The Press" used to be watchable.

In a triple-bylined story, Chuck Todd and two other staffers at NBC wrote:
On this FEC filing day, we already know Ben Carson will have raised the most money on the GOP side. He's now running neck-and-neck with Donald Trump nationally, per a recent Fox News poll. And it all comes after a week that could have sunk a more traditional candidate (his Holocaust/guns remarks, not appearing to know the difference between the debt limit and the debt/deficit). What's more, Carson rarely holds campaign events, and ABC even reports that he's taking two weeks off to sell his book. Trying to explain the Ben Carson phenomenon is one of the best political stories out there.
I am curious as to what problem Chuck Todd has with the observation that Nazis disarmed Jewish people before rounding them up?

Likewise, I wonder if Todd knows the difference between debt and deficit.

But I wonder why Todd thinks the majority of Americans give a shift about those issues.

As for Carson taking time off for a book tour, I seem to recall a fellow named Barack Obama selling plenty of books in 2007. Come to think of it, did anyone ask him if a Muslim could be president.


  1. Todd is just wondering aloud why the attacks on Carson by the Leftist, Hillary-supporting media have yet to make a dent in Carson's campaign, that's all. He's puzzled that a man of character, so unlike the Democrats the press pimps for, can have such wide appeal to so many Conservative Americans, especially when the attraction crosses the racial barrier that so obsesses the Democrats. An African-Amrican who appeals to so many white voters? It conflicts with the Left's narrative that white conservatives who oppose Obama are racists. The media's attempts to run Carson out of town have not succeeded? Such a puzzlement! Todd and his network brethren must try harder for the sake of Team Hillary!

  2. The pieces don't add up for him because of how much he thinks he knows, and how much of that is wrong or misunderstood. Conservatives are a foreign land to them.

  3. Dr. Carson doesn't fit into any media template so he must be made, or appear to be, irrelevant. They did the same to Herman Cain with the able assistance of Gloria Allred.