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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Christie at 5% -- in New Jersey

Polls are overrated, still the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll results embarrass Republican Chris Christie who after seven years as governor is in sixth place in the presidential sweepstakes in his home state of New Jersey.

From the poll:
Despite some recent gains on the 2016 campaign trail, Gov. Chris Christie has plummeted among his own party’s 2016 preferences back home, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Similar to national polls, 32 percent of New Jersey Republican and GOP-leaning registered voters choose businessman Donald Trump for their party’s nomination. Trump tops the list for the second straight Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Meanwhile Christie’s New Jersey GOP support has been cut in half since August, when he was in second place at 12 percent. With just 5 percent of Republican voters naming him, Christie now trails Dr. Ben Carson and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, both at 13 percent, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 6 percent. While tied when results are rounded, he comes in sixth in mentions between former CEO Carly Fiorina and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, each also at 5 percent.
I do not see a scenario where Christie -- once the toast of conservatives -- is anything but toast in this race. He figuratively supported President Obama's re-election. Screw him.


  1. Last year, he literally supported Andy Cuomo's re-election here in NY. He used his position as head honcho of the RGA to actively undermine the GOP candidate for governor here -- declared him "unelectable." Almost certainly because he and Andy Cuomo are BFFs.

  2. His hug of Obungler in 2012 has doomed him in 2016. Go away Jersey Fats! We have enough backstabbers.

  3. He shot both feet with a large-caliber weapon.

    1. Had to have a curved barrel like the German adaptation at the end of WW2.

  4. Only the lsm called him a conservative. Conservatives knew better.

  5. Christie's main attraction for Conservatives was how he called out media critics. Now Trump is doing that so we don't need an Obama hugger anymore.

  6. Take it from me, Don. I'm a doctor. From the look of him it will never reach, unless you are hung like a horse. (in reference to that last sentence)