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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A decade best forgotten


  1. What?

    Bad hair, bad clothes, bad shoes, bad politics, bad economy, bad music, bad dancing, and in general bad movies. Few remember the greatness of Star Wars was in its welcome change from Hollywood's normal fair for the '70s.

    We'd best not forget, lest we repeat it.

  2. And yet, bad clothes and all (and I had some), I met my first girl friend and my first wife in the '70s. (Can't repeat those.)

  3. I'm quite sure I had clothes like that, Don. I was young enough, however, that I can blame my parents.

  4. At least their pants come up to their hips and you can't see the bad moon a-rising.

    1. Yes, but the low hanging look makes it harder to run with a stolen purse.

  5. To quote James Lileks, "Le chic. C'est bleak."