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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

West Virginians already pay billions for roads

I see where after 80 years of the Democratic Party owning the Legislature in West Virginia we are last in everything that matters and have roads that need major repairs. Mountain slips are a major problem.

So what is the first thing the new Republican leaders want to do? Raise taxes.

No, no, no!

Senate Finance Chairman Mike Hall, R-Putnam, and House Finance Chairman Eric Nelson, R-Kanawha, are concocting a major tax increase to pay for roads.

We already do that.

West Virginians pay a 6% sales tax, property taxes, and an income tax that hits soaks the rich -- which is anyone who makes $60,000 a year or more. There are soda taxes, cigarette taxes, and we even tax insurance premiums. West Virginia ranks 49th in income -- and 14th in state taxes. (See state taxes per capita.)

There is so much money collected by state government that our roads should be paved with gold.

Of course, Democrats have the money going to all kind of programs that have nothing to do with providing basic services. Planned Parenthood gets money? Seriously? West Virginians are forced to pay for abortions?

Squeeze all the nonsense out of the state budget first. That's the job. Any idiot can raise taxes. Democrats have done that for decades. It takes a real adult to stand up to liberal leeches on public fisc.


  1. You're wrong. Not "anyone" who makes 60k. Any FAMILY that makes 60k. Marriage penalty in WV is outrageous.

  2. I recently had the misfortune to drive through your beautiful state, Don. I have no idea about how W. Va. finances road repairs, but you sure as hell need to do something.

    If, like Ohio, the bulk of road financing comes from the gas tax and the federal highway department, you could very well need an increase. Cars and trucks get a heck of a lot better mileage than 20 years ago, and many states have never increased their per gallon sales tax in that period.

    I am in favor of building and maintaining roads with fuel taxes or tolls. That way those who use them the hardest pay the most which is fair. Fuel taxes ought to be a percentage instead of a flat rate, however. When gas is high you can bet your bippie asphalt and roadwork are high as well, and vice versa.