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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

We spend $132 billion a year more on poverty than we do defense

America spends as much on education (more than $12,000 per child times more than 50 million students) as it does the military, $610 billion a year and falling. That includes local and state spending on schools -- and excludes higher education.

Its spending on welfare programs for the cash poor now tops $742 billion, according to the General Accounting Office. The total does not counting local and state aid, which easily pushes the total beyond the trillion-dollar mark.

From CNBC:
With roughly a sixth of the U.S. population living in poverty and many more struggling to stay out of it, the federal social safety net has evolved in recent years into an extraordinarily costly and wide-ranging assortment of spending and tax measures.
A new study by the Government Accountability Office provides a detailed inventory of federal welfare and social service programs identified 82 federal programs and assorted tax expenditures totaling $742 billion in fiscal 2013, the latest data available. An estimated 106 million people living in the U.S. – or about a third of the overall population – received benefits the previous year from at least one of eight programs for low income and very poor families that came in for special review by the GAO. Some of these programs are available to illegal immigrants.
Handouts now are a trillion-dollar-a-year industry. This is unsustainable.


  1. Dems do love to give away working folks' tax money.

    1. Politicians love to give it away Sam L. Rs in charge, have been in charge, and nothing has changed through the years. Rs and Ds know where their voting blocs are.

  2. Can't have the post-revolutionary utopia without a revolution, and can't have a revolution without a lot of proletariat. Gotta keep makin' more proletariat to stay in power and keep that revolution comin'. Someday this has gotta work. Someday.

  3. One is in Constitution and the other isn't. Also the social "safety net" has now become a hammock.

  4. Imagine all the gubmint jobs created by this money givin' away business creates? Community organizers get first pick because of qualifications and connections.