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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tweet of the day


  1. I would have guessed this candle:

  2. HEy! A Russian candle! Sehr kuhl!

  3. Obama has an infallible knack for being on the wrong side of every issue (Henry Gates, Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, Bergdahl, etc.). This incident is no exception. It now appears the kid in Texas disassembled an old clock and then walked into school with his fake "invention" in order to make fun of his teachers or perhaps to test their reaction to a Moslem kid bringing in a package which, if left alone in a public place, would have summoned a police bomb squad with a robot to blow it up. There is no invention here. The kid played a fraud on the authorities in his school---with the encouragement of his family, I'll bet---and the Sucker in the Oval Office bought the full scam. Just a reminder: Has everyone forgotten the post-9/11 incidents in which groups of bearded Muslim men acted suspiciously on airplanes, perhaps as a dry run to probe airplane security measures (testing, e.g., the presence of air marshals on board) or else to provoke lawsuits against the airlines? Maybe that's what the kid was doing...probing, testing, taunting?