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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trump upstages 9/11

Wolf Blitzer had on his show Rudy Giuliani on Friday -- 9/11 -- and what did they talk about? Donald Trump.

You stop to think about that. Let that sink in. No American is more associated with 9/11 than Mayor Giuliani, and what did they talk about? Donald Trump.

Admittedly, I did not catch the entire interview -- just the end part when they talked about what Blitzer had the mayor on to talk about. This was not a final question thing, but several questions on him. Donald Trump has made the 2016 presidential election a referendum on him. It's amazing. It is why he is crushing the competition in poll after poll.

He is doing it without spending a dime on media.

From J. Cal Davenport:
Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, you have to give him credit for knowing how to manufacture massive amounts of free media. 
The entertaining showman has racked up more than $50 million in “earned media” in the few short months since he announced his campaign for president, according to an analysis conducted by Conservative Intel. 
The bulk of that earned media comes from the near-constant coverage of Trump on the major cable news channels. In addition, Trump has earned millions in free marketing using his Twitter and Facebook accounts..
Of course, not all of the coverage of Trump has been positive. But even negative coverage so far Trump has managed to convert into positive poll numbers.
How much is Donald Trump’s earned media worth to his campaign? Can we put a dollar amount on it? If Trump’s airtime on Fox News is “free advertising,” how much would that time have cost him? According to ad buyers, a 30-second primetime ad runs between $30,000 and $45,000.
Media Matters, obsessed as they are with Fox News, have been keeping tabs on how much airtime Donald Trump has gotten since he entered the race in June. According to their report, it is about 10 hours, 20 minutes. This comes out to around 1240 30-second primetime ads. It would have cost the Trump campaign between $37 million and $55 million.
Let that sink in. What are they talking about? Donald Trump. He is proving that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

On CNN, Giuliani said he's doing everything they told me not to do, and he's winning.

The realization that maybe he should not have listened to advisers is sinking in on Mayor Giuliani as Trump's numbers rise.

More from Davenport: "MSNBC has mentioned him 29,584 times, CNN, 19,289 times and Fox News, 12,563 times."

Ratings starved MSNBC is treating him as if he were a riot in Ferguson. Little-seen CNN is treating him like a downed airplane. I cannot think of a good simile for Nox News coverage, only to note it is the least-Trumped of the trio.

Scott Adams, the creator of "Dilbert" has blogged about Donald Trump. Adams wrote on Thursday:
The Fiorina Linguistic Kill Shot: “Look at that face!”
This morning I see that the press is playing rusty trombone on Rolling Stone’s article about Trump and his unkind comments about Carly Fiorina’s appearance. The press is furiously trying to manufacture news out of the quote and doing a good job of it so far.
You won’t appreciate the beauty of Trump’s game until you read the entire article, and that takes too long. But if you do, look for a Master Wizard making a Rolling Stones writer fall in love with him while setting up the writer to transmit the Fiorina kill shot embedded in a sexist-sounding comment. 
And the Outragists danced and shouted. As planned.
See the search results on Trump’s linguistic kill shot this morning, below the post here.
All of the chatter from the Rolling Stones article will be about whether Trump’s comments were sexist or not. True to form, Trump is making all of us think past the close. The sale in this case is the idea that Fiorina’s face will be a problem with voters. We accepted that part of his suggestion and went directly to the idea of whether mentioning it is okay or not.
Yeah, that happened.
A kill shot is designed with one necessary element to distinguish it from a mere insult.
The kill shot has to put words to what you were already thinking in a vague sense. If you disagree with the main idea in the linguistic kill shot, it has no power. Trump only picks kill shots you agree with on some visceral level. For example…
Jeb Bush does look “low energy.” We agree as soon as Trump says it, even if we had never had a concrete thought about it until he voiced it.
Ben Carson does seem “too nice” for the difficult job of staring down foreign leaders. We agree.
A presidential candidate has to show leadership. Donald Trump is showing it. I am not quite sure where he is leading his supporters, but they do seem to be growing in number.

Who does Jeb Bush lead? Scott Walker (whom I so wanted to win until the debate showed he's not going to; I switched to Carly). Rick Perry. Mike Huckabee. On down the line.

Maybe Trump peters out or something. But we will know he is the nominee when they start and ABT movement -- Anybody But Trump.

Such campaigns (Anybody But Reagan, Anybody But Clinton, Anybody But Obama) never work. They signify a last-ditch effort by the party bosses to stop a sure-fire winner.

We are a long way off, or are we? Rudy Giuliani talked on 9/11 about Trump at length on CNN.

Good luck to the other candidates. They need it.

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  1. On CNN, Giuliani said he's doing everything they told me not to do, and he's winning.

    These are the same advisers who managed the losing campaigns of McRINO and Mittens yet GOP candidates keep hiring them and listening to them. They keep listening to advice from the New York Slimes (Motto: All the news that fits our views) and the DNC that Republicans need to run as Dimocrats. Note to the RNC: The New York Slimes (Motto: All the news that's fit to distort) and the DNC do not want you to win elections. Quit listening to them! Why would the voters elect a fake Dimocrat when they have a real one running? . They ain't called the Stupid Party for nuttin".