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Monday, September 28, 2015

The whole story in two sentences

The teenage mind hath not changeth in 40,000 years.

(By the way, nice nontroversy, Gazette.)

Oh and that is at Hurricane High, whose team name is the Redskins. I don't see them changing that either.

UPDATE: Apparently a staffer at the Gazette-Mail is upset because I mentioned the Gazette. Said staffer insisted there is no Gazette. I suggest he (or she) read the newspaper. Inside there is a Gazette editorial page and a Daily Mail one (except on Sunday).


  1. Danged impertinent Kids! Gotta love 'em; they KNOW what America is all about. You can tell them stuff, and it's their decision to believe it or not.

  2. Update: There is no "Gazette" anymore. It is the "Gazette-Mail" and the entire editorial staff comprises of reporters and editors from the Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail newspapers.

    1. This was a story in the "Gazette-Mail" newspaper. It was not an editorial on the "Gazette" portion of the two distinct "Gazette" and "Daily Mail" editorial pages inside the daily Gazette-Mail. To imply this was a "Gazette" only story is factually incorrect and you know it. If this was a non-story (and it just may be), your beef is with the "Gazette-Mail," not the "Gazette." One of the former Daily Mail (now current Gazette-Daily Mail) editors who reviewed this story (maybe even assigned it!) could have/should have nixed it.

    2. Gazette bought the Daily Mail in 2004. Planned to close it on 3-31-2005 but ran afoul of the Sherman Antitrust Act which resulted in a lengthy and expensive court battle leading to an agreement on 7-19-2010 to keep the Daily Mail open another five years. On 7-19-2015 the papers "merged." Your insistence that the Gazette-Mail is somehow not the Gazette is ridiculous. You can pretend that it is half and half but the Daily Mail died when Thomson sold it to Dean Singleton in a straw purchase for Betty Chilton.

  3. No Gazette?
    We can only dream.

    Bobb Topp