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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Thank you, Facebook

I spent a goodly portion of my birthday on Facebook, shocked and awed by all the attention I received. It was my birthday and the rollout of my second volume in the "Exceptional Americans" series and several hundred people wished me a happy birthday.

Some were family, some were colleagues, some were friends, but most were Facebook friends, or as I call them, readers. They are the one-in-a-million Americans who have followed me over the years through my many adventures, mainly on the blog. They know me better than I know them, and yet they follow. As a writer, I am keenly aware that without the reader I am nothing, and I am grateful for my readers. A reader is to a writer what air is to a lung.

The people wishing me a happy birthday made it so. I didn't realize that is how it works. I am 62. I am still learning.

The book is now on Amazon. Kindle is taking pre-orders. This time around, I am calmer. I am sticking to a game plan of self-publishing enough volumes to impress a book agent before I seek one. Print is a tough market for non-celebrities. Always has been. Always will be. I will post advertisements and the like. I will have a small announcement on how autographed copies. I did not realize how much people like autographed copies. Books are a whole new territory for me.

I want to than Robert Bell for proofreading the book.

One last thing about the book, while I do want people to buy them, you are still my friend and my reader if you do not buy one. I realize it is not for everyone.


  1. Have you thought about the textbook market? Your anthologies of the life stories of prominent Americans would make good reading and instruction for grade school kids, who know very little about the history of their country. The biographies of successful people you have profiled are inspiring. Their stories could have an enormous impact on an entire generation of children.