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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rush explains Trump

The insurgent campaign of Donald Trump for president is the talk of American politics. The same people who creamed their panties over Barack Obama eight years ago are clucking their tongues over the Trumpkins falling for a fellow whose not providing the details of his policy stands.

Boo hoo hoo.

Outsiders get Trump and no one is more of an outsider than Rush Limbaugh. He explained well Trump's appearance in Dallas to a packed stadium,

From Rush Limbaugh:
Okay this is the pattern. I figured out the Trump appearance pattern.
He starts out with stand-up, he does 15, 20, sometimes 30 minutes of stand up and just stream of consciousness, and then starts getting into issues, and then backing out of 'em, getting back into 'em, and he always ends it -- and this is the thing I've noticed. I don't think a lot of people do notice, particularly the critics. He always ends these things with the most sincere remarks to his audience.  He tells them what an honor it is to be with them and what an honor it is to be representing them and it's an honor to be doing this with them and for them.
And, you know, for the inside-the-Beltway crowd that's trying to figure all this out, it's really not hard.  Well, maybe it is.  I don't know.  It's all about developing a bond.  He has established a bond with his audiences, call 'em voters or supporters or what have you. But the importance of that, and I keep drum beating this, because it is crucial: If establishment types are really serious in wanting to understand this, and if they're really serious about wanting the same kind of success for themselves, you have to establish a bond with your audience. 
Now, some people can do it naturally and some people can try their whole lives and never pull it off.  It's hard to do.  It requires sincerity. It requires the audience believe that you are not BS-ing them; that if you joke, you let them in on the joke.  You never insult their intelligence.  They are in the club; they are not outsiders. You let 'em in.  They are every bit as responsible for your success as you are.  If you can do that, then there's nothing that can break the bond -- except you. 
Negative advertising can't break the bond, the media can't break the bond, other candidates can't break the bond.  CNN can't break the bond.  But you can.  And Trump has that.  He has that ability because, at the end of every one of these, he telegraphs that this has deep meaning to him, that he's not just out getting an ego massage here.  Some people... You know how many people would be satisfied, would be over-the-moon thrilled for just one night like Trump has? 
Republicans have told themselves for years they want another Reagan.

They overlook one small detaul: None of the Republican big shots wanted Reagan in 1979.

They wanted George Bush or Howard Baker or Alexander Haig,


  1. "They overlook one small detail: None of the Republican big shots wanted Reagan in 1979."
    Reagan almost defeated Ford, the incumbent president no less, in 1976 for the Republican nomination. Reagan won the nomination with ease in '79. C'mon on Don, don't re-write history just to make your entry sound better.
    As for the race for the nominations, Trump will flame out, just as Hillary is about to now to Sanders or possibly Biden. Carson and Fiorina are slowly closing the gap and when things heat up in earnest in early 2016, people will have grown tired of Trump's antics just like they did with Ross Perot. Consider the Trump-Perot similarities: non-politician; successful businessman; government outsider who will answer to no one except the "ordinary American." Once America realizes what is at stake, the voters will tune him out, just like they did Perot even though Perot lead in some early presidential polls leading up to the '92 primaries. Yep, Trump has a bond with the American people as Rush suggests. He just has soooo much in common with you and me. Time to go, my private jet awaits to take me to my yacht.

    1. He said "big shots", Anon, not "Republicans". I'm pretty sure Don knows few big shots. I figure Rush does, but Rush comes from SwampEast Missouri, he's failed a few times, he's had ups and a few downs, and he seems to see things pretty clearly. I'll certainly consider what he says.

    2. Sam L. - Don said "big shot Republicans." Ok, so be it be "big shots" and not the Republican base as a whole. Who were the big shots Don?

  2. Problem is, although the Establishment doesn't want Trump, anyone who knows what he is and stands for, doesn't either. Trump makes GHWB look like Reagan.
    I hate sounding like a conspiracy nut, but I really think the press figures he cannot win, but anything they say about him will only strengthen him in the scaled eyes of his supporters, so they keep on him to bolster his support. And hey, if by chance he gets the nom, and shocker, the win, what have they lost? He supports so much of their platform it would still be a win for them.
    "yeah, but, but Border!"

  3. As George Burns once said,"If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made." The thing about Trump is that, unlike the money-grubbing Clintons and the Obamas, he's so rich no one could afford what it would cost to buy him. If nothing else, he's got that going for him.

  4. I'm feeling a lot of confidence in this group of Repubs and Trump - semi- blowhard that he is- is setting the pace. He may "flame out" Anon but that is not nearly a certainty and it will be a while before he loses any edge. Carson and Fiorina are right there and both are excellent (I'm a Carson fan). If Trump gets the nod, I'm good with it.
    I just have to remember how many stupid voters are out there from 2008 and 2012.