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Thursday, September 17, 2015

NYT: She's just a girl

The New York Times published a misogynist headline today:

Carly Fiorina Gains Traction in Debate, Helping G.O.P. Reach Out to Women

Will these sexist elitists say the same about Bernie?

For decades Democrats have had to struggle to get the male vote. They have paid a price for their war on men -- every Democratic woman senator assumed the men falsely accused of rape at the University of Vrginia was guilty in that hoax last year.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Carly is running on merit. Fiorina actually accomplished something in her life without being  forced to be publicly cuckolded by her husband.

Carly can handle herself and did so last night. She is two-for-two in the debates. We are seeing the Carly I saw in June when I read her commencement speech at her alma mater, Stanford. She is a person of inner toughness who knows right from wrong -- and unlike the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Bulgers, the Daleys, and a slew of minor Democratic Party families, she act on behalf of right.

I backed Scott Walker, but he has floundered. Then I backed Carly. Her star rises. This is not to say I oppose Trump. I admire his ability to turn himself into the biggest issue in the campaign. If he is nominated, I will gladly vote for him.

But I think it is going to be Carly.


  1. OMG, I hope your right.

  2. The GOP has a pretty good group on the stage, but for the first time I noticed a real difference between the Governors, Senators and non-Politicians. The Governors were managers but they are focused on how they manage the same set of services. This leads to the lists of accomplishments, how they cut taxes 22 times, etc. The Senators made good speeches about specific topics and how many times they introduced legislation. Only he non-politicians talked about any type of real goal or overarching theme. Trump wants us to win and be hugely great, Carly says the same things with more specifics and to deal with public integrity. Carson wants us to be more responsible and less dependent on handouts while we raise the integrity of government.

    Right now the outsiders have hit the sweet spot

    1. That's a very good point. The politicians, the insiders, tout their resumes and talk about the minutiae of government as if no one outside their circle--nor any of their competitors---could ever govern the nation as well as they could. Trump and Fiorina instead talk about leadership, about the philosophy of governing if you will. They cite their past experience in business (i.e., their resumes in the private sphere) as evidence they are the ones who are best prepared to lead the country from Day One. It makes a stark contrast.

  3. I've backed Walker ever since his travails began in Wisconsin, and am impressed by his accomplishments in office, but early on I also was impressed by Fiorina. It's still early in the campaign. I've backed both by opening my wallet, not just by posting comments on the Intertubes, and I will continue to support both of them with my contributions.

  4. Wouldn't a Carly/Hillary race be sweet? no matter who wins, history is made. Icing on the cake, Carly talking issues, Hillary trying to convince the public Carly isn't a real woman while at the same time campaigning on the war against women.

  5. As Yogi Berra supposedly said: "Predictions are hard. Especially about the future". I've been trying to predict elections for more than sixty years and the dart board is still ahead. I will say that this season is most entertaining and I will fully embrace the schadenfreude if I am so blessed. I like Carly.

  6. This foreigner across the 49th has been a fan of Carly since before the kid's table debate. That she's impressive and commanding in all public performances and interviews is quite telling. The GOP could check a LOT of boxes by making her their nominee. And if Clinton survives the email fiasco long enough to make it through the primaries and on to the general, I'll relish watching Carly pummel her in the debates.

  7. John Hawkins has a very good piece on her.
    She was a disaster at HP, a disaster in the California Senate race, and she has not changed.
    My first choice is still Cruz. Dr Carson has a lot of learning to do, but I would vote for him. Walker is my third, and Trump my fourth.