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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jeb is the University of Texas in the race.

As Hillary Clinton sinks into the mire of her email scandal, we turn our attention to her counterpart in the ill-fated rematch of Clinton-Bush, the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. Despite world name recognition, a solid conservative record, and his vaunted ability to attract donors, Jeb is struggling to stay in fifth place in Republican polls.

He is like his alma mater, the University of Texas, which has the nation's second largest athletic budget -- $161 million annually -- is in last place in football among the 10 teams in the Big 12.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Once hailed as the likely Republican nominee, Jeb Bush’s support has been sliced in half from July to September and now stands at 7% as a variety of potential voters turned to other candidates, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.
Mr. Bush is in fifth place among likely GOP voters after real estate developer Donald Trump, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Sen. Marco Rubio (R.,Fla.) and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.
Mr. Bush lost support across the board: among men and women, voters under and over 50 years of age, talk-radio listeners, and values and tea-party voters alike. Though his support flagged among likely voters who identified as very conservative and total conservatives, Mr. Bush lost the most ground – a 15-point decline — among self-described moderate and liberals, earning 8% from those voters in September compared with 23% in July.
Jeb's surname propelled him into the political stratosphere. Now it is crashing him back to Earth. He still has a shot at the nomination. But the inevitability is gone and the doubt is growing.


  1. I can't go for "funny". It's not JEB's time, and likely never will be. Wasn't one of my preferences anyway.

  2. You call jeb conservative because the msm keeps calling him "conservative." But, anyone advocating amnesty or supporting common core cannot be considered conservative. Cut it out! He's a LIBERAL!!!

    1. Actually his record as governor was conservative, including Stand Your Ground. His positions now are liberal but his actual record belies that.

  3. Bumpersticker:

    READ MY LIPS: NO NEW BUSHES (in the White House)