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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Buy one, get one autographed

To publicize my new book, "Exceptional Americans 2: The Capitalists," I am offering readers this deal: Buy the paperback, read it, give it a five-star review at Amazon, and get an autographed copy free.

I will lose money on the deal (I pay for books and for shipping to me and then you) but I do not care. I am trying to generate word-of-mouth. The autographed copy can be sent to a third-party as a gift.

Obviously, readers will have to email me their name and address,

The first review is in from Richard:
Let veteran newsman and editor, Don Surber, introduce you to a thoroughly entertaining collection of Exceptional Americans. Volume Two focuses on the Capitalists who shaped our nation's development through their drive to succeed, enriching themselves and our society.
Each featured personality has their story told in an engaging way that personalizes history without embellishment. Having read the first volume of Exceptional Americans as well as many of the individual vignettes that make up this collection I can recommend this book to readers of all ages. Probably my favorite part of reading these stories is learning how much struggle and effort goes into being successful. America is truly heir to Greatness. One Exceptional American at a time.
Thank you. That is a great review and a better summary than the one I wrote.

Also I am selling autographed copies for $20, which includes shipping. Limit infinity per customer.

The email address is


  1. I ordered on withing the fire minute--have not received it yet.

    Do you do Paypal?

    1. Received. I won't get my books out until September 21. Email addy