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Friday, September 25, 2015

Boehner was good in the beginning, but he went astray

John Boehner came into Congress in 1990 to smoke cigarettes and kick butt, and he was all out of cigarettes. He helped bring the House banking scandal to light, which got rid of some of the crooks in Congress. He helped draft the Contract With America in 1994, which led to the first Republican-led House in 40 years.

But as Speaker, his supply of smokes was endless and he forgot to kick but. He was brilliant in 2011 in a budget showdown with President Obama. But Boehner proved to be a weak Speaker who seemed unaware of the Tea Party's concerns. The ousting of his right hand man, Eric Cantor, in the primary last year should have signaled a change in attitude. Instead, Boehner became even weaker.

Enough of his fellow Republicans do not want to be primaryed next year that a revolt was on. Boehner lacks the votes. He will resign next month. Should have done that years ago.

Bottom line: Primaries matter. Don't let the Washington Establishment bully you into following only Approved Candidates.