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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bernie's resume is thinnest of all

Lefties in both parties scream unqualified as they point out Donald Trump and Doctor Ben Carson never held public office, and Carly Fiorina lost her only previous bid for office.

Really? So what is in the resume of Bernie Sanders that makes him qualified to be even White House butler. Oh sure, he's been in Congress for 24 years, but what has he ever done?

Nothing. There is no Sanders Act. His fellow senators know him well and have never entrusted him with any position of authority. Oh and he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont for eight years -- population 42,000.

Before dumping on Trump, Carson, or Carly -- all of whom have accomplished something in life and held positions of authority -- conservatives and Republicans need to examine Sanders, a communist who wants to move America slightly to the right of the Democratic Party. He never built a hotel or ran a casino, certainly he never pioneered neurosurgery involving conjoined twins, and he sure as hell did not break the glass ceiling on Wall Street.


  1. What has he done that would recommend him to a non-Democrat party member?

  2. Just like the Dimocrats said Palin was not qualified to be VP after running a town and a state while Obungler was qualified to be president when all he ran was his mouth. When it came to executive experience Palin was more qualified than the three senators running in 2008. We would be much better off if she had been running the country for the last seven years.

  3. What Bernie lacks in real-life accomplishments, he makes up in ideology. That's the Democrat Way.

  4. To the "Right" of the Democrat Party? Is your compass off, or is mine? It seems to me that the only place ol' Crazy Bernie would bring the country "To the right of" is Josef Stalin.

    1. Stalin would be considered conservative by this collection of commissars