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Monday, September 28, 2015

Backdrop collapses on Carly. She brushes it off

The backdrop dropped on Carly Fiorina in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday. She brushed it off.

It happened at the National Women's Business Conference.

From the Texas Tribune:
About 10 minutes into Fiorina's remarks, the floor-to-ceiling curtains behind her began wobbling and seconds later collapsed on to Fiorina as well as a few other women on the stage. Once it was clear no one was hurt, the crowd made light of the situation, some joking about Fiorina "bringing down the house."
"Trump!" an audience member shouted out, referring to Fiorina's chief antagonist in the GOP field.
"Trump, Hillary — it could have been lots of people," Fiorina replied as she took the stage again. Later in her remarks, she appeared to take a shot at the flamboyant billionaire, saying leadership is "not about your office. It's not about your helicopter. It's not about your ego." 
Her campaign confirmed later Sunday evening she was not hurt in the stage snafu. It was not immediately known what caused the incident.
Shortly after the collapse, Fiorina began taking questions from the audience and received some of her loudest applause while explaining she would compete with the "big boys" if elected president. 
"News flash: I've been competing with the big boys all my life," Fiorina said. "In fact, this is more of a unique experience for them than it is for me."
Maybe it is an omen. Probably not.

Disclosure I endorsed her this summer after I realized Scott Walker was going nowhere fast.


  1. Thought Problem: What would Hillary! have done? How would she have handled this?

    I'm thinking, "gone ballistic" and "not well".

  2. No doubt the phrase "vast right-wing conspiracy" would have popped out very quickly.