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Friday, September 11, 2015

Are we losing after 9/11?

No one in America nor the Western world will admit it, but we have been at war with the Muslim world for 43 years. As long as we will not admit this, we cannot stop this very dangerous threat to our health, well-being, freedom, and personal liberty.

This war began after World War II ended, when a few Muslims resisted us. The establishment of Israel as part of a two-state compromise drew war immediately from every Arab state (not to be confused with the Muslim world but there is plenty of overlap). That was in 1948. The War of independence for Israel continues today, 67 years later. Over the years, with the tacit support of the United States through administrations both Democratic and Republican.

But in the Six Day War in 1967, Israel showed the United States u. While we were mucking around in Vietnam with a non-mortal enemy -- to show President Johnson and his staff still had testosterone -- Israel was taking on all-comers and whupping their assets.

Meanwhile, oil-rich Saudi Arabia and other super Muslim countries (the House of Saud controls Mecca and Medina; you do not get more Muslim than that) were following the Communist playbook by infiltrating our universities. They played a long war.

On September 5-6, 1972, Muslims did the unthinkable. They held and killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. The Muslim world waited for the West's reaction. The West abandoned Israel. The next year, 1973, the Muslims (and a few other dictatorships) launched the oil embargo and the Yom Kippur War. The West caved and began siding with the Palestinians in their long war of terrorism.

The next year, 1974, Yassar Arafat addressed the United Nations while brandishing weapons.

In 1979, Muslims took over Iran and took 51 Americans hostage. The Muslim world waited for the American reaction. Jimmy Carter put on a sweater. Muslims had won over the Democratic Party. Disagree? Show me where a Democrat has ever said anything bad about a Muslim? Nowadays even Republicans cower to Muslims.

It gets worse. In the meantime, the Nation of Islam -- a black supremacist group -- established itself in Chicago. Thee university elite embraced this group in the 1980s, just as it did Bill Ayers, who actually praised the Nation of Islam for providing security in his upscale neighborhood.

This group converted Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor to put a pretty face on the ugliness of its racist and anti-Christian beliefs. Hitler recruited Charles Lindbergh, didn't he?

But it was the Communist playbook that the Muslims relied on most. Just as the Communists banned calling Communists "communists," so the Muslims in the West have manipulated minority rights into minority rule. You can mock Jesus all you want in the West but Mohammad is sacred. And "jihadists" is verboten.

The Western world's peculiar reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. With the urging of Democratic Congressman Joe Wilson, Reagan armed the resisters. He also cut an arms deal with Iran in its war with Iraq in hopes of helping the rebels in Nicaragua. Defeating communism was our priority, and I cannot really fault this.

What happened after the Fall of the Wall was inexcusable. Instead of a Cold War with Muslims, President Bush decided there was a peace dividend. Under President Bush, we saved Kuwait. Under President Clinton, we aided Muslims in the Bosnia.

Then 9/11 happened. What did we do? We fought back. the War in Afghanistan (which should have been a CIA operation) was first. Taking out Saddam Hussein in Iraq to establish a beachhead in Arabia and the Muslim world was a great move. It was our Pearl Harbor.

But caving to the terrorist CAIR group and protecting Muslims first after 9/11 sent another message to Muslims; they could wait us out. The Democratic Party came to their rescue.

And so here we are. Muslims execute Christians, Jews and homosexuals in Arabia, and we are more upset about some jackass clerk in Kentucky who won't sign a marriage license.

Not all Muslims are our enemy. I like to think most are on our side. We all do. But just as we did not hate Russia -- we went out of our way to call it the Soviet Union just as we called Germany "Nazi Germany" in World War II -- we have to start fighting back.

Do not accept these jihadists disguised as refugees. Start backing Israel. But first, admit there are hundreds of millions (out of more than a billion) Muslims who want to kill us.

Muslims have established beachheads in every Western country, usually receiving welfare and other benefits to subsidize their emerging Fifth Column. And to be sure, liberals nurture them in the anti-intellectual belief that a Muslim victory is theirs. Liberals will be among the first to join.

Are we winning? In the 1970s, Muslims dressed Western. Today, westerners are going Muslim.

We called 9/11 our generation's Pearl Harbor.

Less than four years after the real Pearl Harbor, Imperial Japan was obliterated, along with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

Now, 14 years after 9/11, Muslim terrorism is greater than any time since the Crusades.


  1. The Yom Kippur War and the oil embargo were in 1973, not '75. (Typo, I'm sure, because of your "next year" phrasing.)

  2. Don - We have not been at war with Muslims for 43 years. The West has been at war with Islam for 1400 years. Islam knows that. Unfortunately, too many people in the West are in denial. They naively think that if we play nice with them (think Jimmah Carter) , they'll play nice with us. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Islam is totally incompatible with Western Civilization. Appeasement never works. You would think we would have learned that over the years but it's a lesson we have to keep learning at a great loss of lives. Chamberlain's appeasement led to WWII. Hitler could have been stopped at a small loss of life but "Peace for our time" was more important. Who would have thought that 14 years after 9/11 we would have a Muslim in the White House capitulating to Iran for the latest version of "Peace for our time"? This will not end well but will somehow be blamed on the Republicans when Iran gets nukes. Clinton has paid no price for letting North Korea get nukes and Obungler and Flipper will not be blamed when Iran gets nukes. It's nice when the LSM is the propaganda arm of your party.

    1. You presume we are at war with Islam. They are at war with all the infidel lands, but are we at war with them?

  3. Who will be today's Charles Martel?

    1. And who will be our Jan III Robieski?

  4. Yes, Christendom has been at war with Islam for 1400 years. The US has only been at it for a little more than 200 years (not 43). The very first foreign military engagement of US armed forces was against the "Musselmen", the Barbary Pirates.

    From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli...

    "Yusuf Qaramanli declared war on the United States on May 14, 1801 by chopping down the flagpole at the American consulate in Tripoli."

    Note also that the Arab world was allied with the Nazis during WWII.

    As Jerry Pournelle has written "There will be war".

    As I have written "it will be bloody".

  5. Roy - And we are welcoming our enemies into our country with open arms.

    1. We should be greeting them with "open Fire".

    2. Maybe a sign at the border "No terrorists need apply."