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Thursday, September 17, 2015

A sign that O'Malley has no chance

National Public Radio all but declared Democrat Martin O'Malley a loser in the presidential race next year.

Can readers spot the sign?

From the Hill:
NPR host Diane Rehm scolded former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley for missing a scheduled in-person interview on her radio show Tuesday morning.
“Gov. O’Malley, I must say I’m somewhat surprised that you could not make it here in time as you had promised to,” she said when O’Malley called into “The Diane Rehm Show” instead of visiting NPR's studio.
“Well Diane, you can’t believe every promise every politician makes,” the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate jokingly responded.
“I sincerely apologize,” O’Malley added.  “I am on Military Road right now and [we] are following all of the applicable rules of the road, but we do not control the traffic accidents. I should have left even earlier.”
Rehm wasn't satisfied with O'Malley's response.
“Well, I am disappointed because, as you know, it’s a national interview on NPR and I do expect guests to live up to their promises,” she said, adding that O’Malley “absolutely” should have departed sooner for the interview.
Bill Clinton, Barack Obama -- punctuality is not a trait among Democrats, a party that attract egomaniacs and narcissists (which is why people think Donald Trump is a Democrat).

Rehm would never publicly scold a Democrat who had a shot at the presidency.


  1. I think you're right. Or maybe O'Malley just ain't big enough.

  2. Rehm is a shrew and a propagandist.