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Monday, August 17, 2015

Why I am glad I am retired

Enjoy another winter of shoveling snow before going to work, America.

From NBC News:
Just when you thought you had gotten over last winter, be warned: The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts it will be super cold with a slew of snow for much of the country, even in places that don't usually see too much of it, like the Pacific Northwest.
Global warming.

And then there is this from the same source on March 16, 2015:
Boston's miserable winter is now also its snowiest season — going back to 1872. The official measurement of 108.6 inches at Logan International Airport Sunday night topped a season record of 107.9 inches set in 1995-96.
Will they top the record this winter?

I don't care! It snows, I roll over in bed and go back to sleep.


  1. The Old Farmers Almanac seems more accurate than predictions from those claiming to be Climate Scientists.

  2. Hey! Get out of bed, Lazy Bones! Start to work on that screen play featuring America's heroic slave double agent spy you wrote about last week. No goofing off. The story deserves to go to the Big Screen.