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Friday, August 21, 2015

Tweet of the day

For the record, I totally disagree with Pataki. I just thought it was amusing.


  1. Pataki; Pataki; Pataki; my car sounds like that!

  2. Also, calling the plan "nuts" is a little short on substance. Governor Pataki, please explain your immigration position. Should we have borders? Isn't is meaningless to have borders if we are not willing to defend our borders? Won't another round of amnesty merely invite another generation to take the risk of sneaking and living in the shadow waiting for the next round? Isn't amnesty a kick in the teeth to those to obeyed our immigration laws and applied and waited to legally enter our country?

  3. Was Eisenhower nuts? Back in the 50's he rounded up illegals and shipped them back to Mexico. It was known as Operation Wetback.

  4. Didn't obama teach pataki anything? You don't need congress to govern the USA. You do it by executive order.