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Monday, August 17, 2015

The five stages of a Trump presidency

1. Denial. Can you believe this idiot is running for president? He's a loon with bad hair.

2. Anger. Can you believe what he said about Megyn Kelly?

3. Bargaining. Well, maybe with Scott Walker and John Kasich in the Cabinet he won't be so bad.

4. Depression. I cannot believe we elected this clown president.

And finally...

5. Impeachment. You really think the Washington Socialist Industrial Complex is going to let him serve a full term? They will never, ever accept him.


  1. Trump has shaken up the plans of both major party establishments. Their lapdog media types can't seem to knock him out, and we know how he's doing in the polls. Obviously the Establishment needs to keep him out of the White House, but how? I think he should start flying commercial and stop using his own aircraft. Accidents do happen you know.

  2. He's making bigger waves that Ross Perot did. Not my choice for Pres, though.

  3. How could a President Trump be worse than a President Obama? It's simply not possible. And btw, if the other 943 Republican candidates for president can't figure out how to deal with The Donald, then they don't deserve to be president any more than Hillary "Convict #123456" Clinton does.

  4. 30! Stages Of The Media's Trump Memes From "He Won't Run To Ummm"
    Posted July-but no need for royalties

  5. Donald Trump has recently tweeted that he really likes listening to Rush Limbaugh and thinks George Will is wrong on so many conservative issues. Can the Rs not hand deliver the White House to the Dems any easier?