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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The day Scott Walker was threatened

Legal Insurrection interviewed Scott Walker on his union busting in Wisconsin. Great job by Kemberlee Kaye.

There was the anonymous letter his wife received that was most revealing.

From Legal Insurrection:
“Personally, the biggest challenge was they went after not just me, but my family. I remember one death threat I got was directed at my wife right before I went out for a press conference. The head of my detail comes in and shows me and it said:
Dear Tonette (that’s my wife),
There’s never been a Governor assassinated in Wisconsin, but if you don’t do something, that could change.
“And then it proceeded to say where she worked, where my children went to school, what door they went in at school, where my father-in-law lived, and right down the line. I think they thought they would get to me and intimidate me. Quite frankly, it just pissed me off.”

This should be national news.

Oh wait, Republican Lives Don't Matter.