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Monday, August 03, 2015

Pro-choice columnist sees end of Planned Parenthood

Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post describes herself as pro-life and pro-choice, which means she is pro-life when it comes to executing murderers and pro-choice when it comes to aborting babies. But her column on Sunday showed she is willing to be pro-life on abortion for a while as she seemed to make the case for ending taxpayers subsidies to the world's largest abortion provider.

From Parker:
Planned Parenthood, faced with a renewed push for federal defunding (to the tune of a half-billion dollars), has begun a public relations campaign of its own. As of Friday, two ads had been released, each featuring a breast-cancer survivor who says she wouldn’t have survived without the health care she received from the organization.
But is this true? Negligibly.
Planned Parenthood offers only a manual breast exam that any woman can do herself — and performs no mammograms. Rather, it refers women to other clinics. Thus, the ads are at least exaggerated if not purposely deceptive.
Also deceptive is the claim that defunding Planned Parenthood would strip women of health care. In fact, a Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood, co-authored by Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), stipulates that all of its public funding be reallocated to federally qualified community health centers, which provide all women’s health-care services except abortion, without regard to a person’s ability to pay.
In other words, Planned Parenthood would still be able to provide abortions, since no federal funding can legally be used for abortion, anyway. And abortion opponents would no longer have to worry that their tax money was going to an abortion provider, even though the funds can’t legally be used for abortion.
Yep. As long as Planned Parenthood can abort babies, Kathleen Parker is OK with it.

Maybe if she considered the content of the videos -- the selling of body parts -- she would be less sanguine.


  1. Just remember "conservative" columnist Kathleen Parker voted for Obumbler in 2008 as did Peggy Noonan. That pretty much makes any "conservative" commentary they write to be worthless. Both of them were taken in by an empty suit demagogue with one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate. Somehow, they thought that would make him govern as a centrist even though all of his speeches said he wouldn't. The fact that either of them are taken seriously anymore is ludicrous.

    1. Parker was a good conservative writer when she wrote for the Orlando Sentinel. But, when she move to the Washington Post, she wasn't getting invited to the good parties, so she switched sides.

  2. "Maybe if she considered the content of the videos -- the selling of body parts -- she would be less sanguine." I'm guessing not.

  3. No one with an IQ over room temperature should be fooled by the Kathleen Parker Shuffle (TM). She pulls this crapola all the time in order to burnish her "moderate" credentials while never actually opposing the al Qaeda wing of the Democrat Party. If Congress tries to end PP funding you can bet that Parker will instantly flip-flop, claiming the cuts are "draconian" and threaten women's lives.

    Talking one way and voting the opposite is Parker's shtick. Come to think of it: that makes her the perfect GOP Moderate! Maybe she can be Jeb!'s running mate.

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