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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Petraeus prosecutor going after Hillary

Good news. Hillary Clinton may be going down, and not in that pleasurable Monica Lewinsky way.

From Breitbart:
One of the federal prosecutors who helped bring down former general David Petraeus is now leading the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email use.
Of the two prosecutors in the Department of Justice’s National Security Division tasked with investigating Clinton’s emails, one of them worked on the Petraeus case, according to the Washington Post. Petraeus, pled guilty to giving his biographer and mistress classified information.
Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, has turned over thumb drives containing Clinton’s emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. The thumb drives are now in the possession of the Department of Justice, which is just one part of an inter-agency government task force, including the FBI, that is investigating Clinton’s emails.
Clinton also turned over her private email server itself, which had been in the possession of an obscure Denver-based tech firm called Platte River Networks. As Breitbart News reported, Platte River Networks shared confidential information with tech firms across the country and Canada in an “open book”-type relationship with other companies.
The sale of State secrets could land her prison time.

It already has killed her presidential ambitions. She is where LBJ was the day after the New Hampshire primary in 1968. The difference is he knew it was over.


  1. In a rational world, your conclusions would be obvious. But then I think about who is in the WH, and wonder if anything makes sense any more.

  2. I'm with T above. Emphasis on "rational", which is mighty scarce in these here 50 parts.

    1. "...mighty scarce in these here 57 parts." FIFY.

  3. She's a Clinton. They get away with murder. In a sane world, both she and BJ would be in jail for the rest of their lives. They both make Nixon look like a choirboy. Nixon resigned for committing less crimes than BJ did. 1000 FBI files? Nixon asked for one which he didn't get. Alas, this is not a sane world.

  4. While the FBI is exploring the Clinton embarrassment, Tompkins challenged that the request is not criminal in nature and that the assessor general and the Justice Department are simply taking after built up convention.

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