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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Orange you glad EPA hired them?

The Democratic Party's EPA paid Environmental Restoration LLC, a Missouri-based firm, $381 million in taxpayer money to "clean up" a mine in Colorado, the Wall Street Journal reported. Instead, under the watchful eye of the Democratic Party's agency, the company and government officials released 3.5 million gallons of arsenic-laced water that contains other toxic metals as well, turning the Animas River into a deadly plume of orange.

Companies are held accountable for the work of their contractors.

How dare the Democratic Party-run EPA complain about private industry?


  1. If you haven't read the Letter to the Editor of the local newspaper written by an experienced geologist after attending an EPA public meeting about their plans for the mine. In this letter, the geologist predicted everything that happened would happen. He ended the letter by also predicting that EPA will want to designate the cleanup as a SUPERFUND after creating this environmental mess (which will disperse toxic runoff in CO, NM, UTAH's Lake Powell and who knows where Lake Powell's water ends up -- I think some of it ends up in CA).

    The EPA needs to be dismantled -- its new Clean Air regulation goes far beyond the intent of its originating law that was passed by Congress. It is the Cap and Trade bill that the Democrats could not pass when they held both houses of Congress in 2009-2010. IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  2. I would say, 1-Fire all those directly and indirectly responsible, and use all moneys appropriated for the EPA to clean up the mess, and 2-Nobody assigned to the EPA gets paid until that's done.

  3. Thank you Richard Nixon for giving us the EPA.