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Friday, August 07, 2015

Kasich, Carly won the debate

Nate Silver got lucky in 2008 but he may be on to something about last night. I the twin Republican debates, Carly Fiorina clearly won the undercard of the seven dwarfs. She gave crisp clear answers that appeal to conservatives.

John Kasich won the nighttime version of the daytime show, despite Donald Trump rousing the audience early on. The Golden Moment for Kasich was when he explained that Trump is popular: “We need to take lessons from Donald Trump if we’re really going to learn it.” The billionaire is “hitting a nerve in America” by taking on the political class.

Carly was feisty, the perfect vice presidential candidate who will do the dirty work for the presidential candidate so he can look magnanimous and above the fray.

Kasich has a good track record as governor, although he did set up an Obamacare exchange that is turning into a White Elephant. His answer on gay marriage was fine. However, he talks with his hands too much. He's too loud on the body talk.

Scott Walker came off as an also-ran, which reflects his lack of good communication skills on television. It is hard to be president if you do not come off as presidential. But Walker's record in Wisconsin makes him a conservative darling and I liked this line: "I would put the missile defense system back in place."

Trump was Trump. Fox News allowed him to dominate the first hour, but when his liberal record on abortion and single-payer health care came up, he seemed to disappear. But he did get some credibility.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul played their Senate games. Marco Rubio continued to flip waffles like he was working at IHOP. Paul liked to say he introduced this bill and that. So what? His bills go nowhere because he does not work well with others. Ditto Cruz. Rubio may be able to get Senate leadership to back him.

Fox News ignored Dr. Ben Carson who was smooth and injected humor. He had fun and his profile and likability rose.

Chris Christie came off loud as usual. He's a prosecutor. Big ego. Ditto Cruz. But I did like Christie taking on Rand Paul.

Huckabee wants to cut off my Social Security because he thinks I make too much. I think he is just running because he can get donations and get a book deal.

Jeb! He was invisible even when he was on screen, Restore America does not work for him. The past is not his friend.

Big winner: Carly, followed by Kasich, Trump, and Carson. Walker needs to beef up.

Toby Harnden thought Rubio won.

Howie Carr called it "called it 1) Trump, 2) Cruz, 3) tied: Carson and Rubio, 5) Huckabee, 6) Walker, 7) Bush, 8) Kasich 9) Christie and 10) Paul."

Well, one of us is wrong.


  1. Somebody's got to be wrong, but as yet we don't know or aren't sure. As Lincoln said about Grant, seems we can say the same about Carly: She fights.

  2. The one with the most balls was a girl.

    I think Carly is trying to make me fall in love with her, and it's working. It's funny how we see these things. I thought Rubio did very well, as did Cruz. Walker and Carson (but his stance on the 2nd automatically disqualifies him for me), okay. Kasich is about exciting as a piece of dry toast (I think the Ohio in you is coming out, Don).