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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Jury sees through lesbian insurance fraud

On September 2010, lesbians Carol Ann Stutte and Laura Jean Stutte spray-painted "Queers" on their garage, burned down their house and awaited a check for $276,000 from their insurance company. After all they were victims of a H8 crime and who would dare to question them?

American National Property and Casualty Company, that's who. Company officials saw through the lying lesbians like wet cheesecloth. This week, a federal jury agreed that the lesbians lied. Please note, I word it as such because they made the big deal about being lesbians, not me.

From the Knoxville News-Sentinel:
A federal jury in a lawsuit has concluded a Monroe County lesbian couple's claim their house was torched in an act of hate was a hoax.
A jury in U.S. District Court on Monday returned a verdict in favor of American National Property and Casualty Company in a lawsuit over the fire claim of Carol Ann Stutte and Laura Jean Stutte.
In the verdict, the jury specifically concluded the insurer had proved by what's known as a preponderance of the evidence standard that the Stuttes torched their house in Vonore, Tenn., and covered it up by spray-painting the word "queers" on a detached garage and labeling the fire a hate crime by their neighbor.
The Stuttes' house was destroyed by a blaze in September 2010. The couple at the time blamed neighbor Janice Millsaps in media interviews and a lawsuit filed against Millsaps in Monroe County Chancery Court.
In that lawsuit, the Stuttes alleged Millsaps "repeatedly threatened the lives of the Stuttes" and "specifically and repeatedly threatened to burn the Stuttes' house."
The Stuttes claimed in the lawsuit that Millsaps, a month before the fire, said to them: "Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers."
Millsaps denied any role in the fire and has not been charged despite extensive probes by the FBI, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and local arson investigators, according to Millsaps' attorney, Lewis Kinnard.
No criminal charges against the Stuttes?



  1. No countersuit from Millsaps for libel or slander?

  2. I can see a case for slander and/or libel, but I'm guessing the Stuttes got nothing to pay it with.

  3. Yours truly, Johnny Dollar!

  4. They should both be in jail. Isn't fraud a crime?

  5. So who winds up paying for Millsaps' attorney?

  6. They want equality and they should get it. Good and hard.

  7. And since every other lesbian in the community had a good reason to believe the threat was real, these lesbians are guilty of 'terrorizing' that community.

    They have committed a "hate crime" themselves.

  8. It's amazing what kind of stories some people can cook up in order to get some money. It would have been a really sad case if it were a true incident, but I'm just glad that the insurance company figured things out in the end!