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Friday, August 21, 2015

Judge catches Obama regime in a lie

A federal judge may crack down on the Obama administration.

From Bloomberg News: "The Obama administration scrambled to satisfy a Texas judge it shouldn't be punished for violating his order freezing an executive action to loosen immigration rules."

Pass the popcorn.

From Bloomberg News:
At a hearing Wednesday in federal court in Brownsville, government lawyers repeatedly apologized to U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen for mistakenly issuing 2,600 work permits after his order, and then making misleading statements on their compliance. Hanen froze the program after 26 states sued.
"We apologize for those miscommunications and regret them,'" James Gilligan, a Justice Department attorney, told Hanen. "They were inadvertent and unintended."
"But they were repeated," said Hanen.
Gilligan replied that the government responded immediately once it realized it had misled the judge about the permits.
"We weren't trying to hide anything from the court in the first place," Gilligan said. The administration said it has recovered all but 12 of the 2,600 permits.
The White House has submitted multiple reports to Hanen detailing extensive efforts to recover the permits. Agents have repeatedly texted, called and e-mailed immigrants to turn in their improper papers, with federal agents following up door-to- door to retrieve stragglers, the government said.
The states suing to block the program pressed Hanen to expand the government's recovery campaign to include 108,000 work permits issued before Hanen's freeze order.
We need Judge Judy.


  1. Severe fines and firing or demotion is needed.

    1. One more lie from this administration; I lost count long ago, but I'm sure it's more than one thousand.