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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hillary's just too dumb

I ceased blogging about Hillary Clinton in June when I realized she will not win the nomination. The e-mail scandal cooked this goose. She is fried like a PC after a power surge. As the drip, drip, drip of the scandal turns to rain, let us review just how stupid the whole set-up was.

First, the diehard lefty reaction is that this was a bad-ass move.

No, it was a stupid move.

The Clintons set up a tax-exempt foundation to finance a campaign-in-waiting, which foreign governments could legally donate to the campaign. Clever. It became too-clever-by-half when the Clintons decided to her private email to conduct official business. Their reasoning was you could not FOIA a private server. They remembered what happened to Sarah Palin, who was chased out of office by the Obama regime, which through a surrogate filed 26 bogus ethics complaints about her. The release of the Palin emails marked a new low.

But what they overlooked was classified material is exempt from FOIA. Just mark everything classified and no one ever gets her email.

What they overlooked was the illegality of sending classified material through a private account. That's illegal. Right now there is a prima facie case of espionage if she sent one classified email in a private email to one donor.

This is not Whitewater or Lewinsky. After a lifetime of getting away with felonies, Hillary faces serious trouble. No special prosecutor is needed. Barack Obama has no love for the Clintons and will gladly prosecute.


  1. How dumb is she?

  2. I will believe it when I see it. For decades the House of Clinton has committed crimes that would have landed any non-Democrat in prison. But we have become a "bucket list" nation, where electing people because of race, gender, etc. is now the norm. A woman president is next on the checklist of "accomplishments" on the way to the grave.

    As Mark Steyn one opined: sometimes societies become too stupid to survive. Bucket List America reached that point during the Clinton I administration a quarter of a century ago.

  3. It used to be said by the Left that getting Nixon on Watergate was like getting Al Capone on tax evasion. If, IF this brings down the Clintons, I will settle for it. To use an old Air Force term, a kill is a kill.

    Still, Recovering Lutheran raises the point that the real question is not whether this country can recover from 8 years of BHO. It clearly can. The real question is whether we can recover from an electorate which not only elected him, but returned him to office. The answer to that is far from clear.

    1. Yes a kill is a kill, but it's more delicious when it's self-inflicted.

  4. Any male who uses the term "teensy bit" does not get to EVER use the term "badass" again.

  5. The Machinists union sure thinks Hillary "Is all that" they just gave her the nod.

    Only polled 2000 members , I would have set them straight if they asked me.

  6. Obama has the server. He can claim it is now a criminal prosecution and keep it out of the hands of republicans in the senate. So he can lower your he boom on Hillary any time he wants to. He will indict her when she is within reach of th nomination, thus freeing her delegates to go with another candidate at the convention. If he thinks that joe Biden can win, he swings the votes to him. But most likely, biden will not get black voters out in the numbers that will win the election. So Michelle enters a few late primaries and gets all th Hillary support.