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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Global warming facts

Global warming is a fraud perpetuated by socialists.

Alex Epstein of Forbes has the details of one such phony.

From Epstein:
Several prominent scientists have, for the last 4 decades, been predicting catastrophe if we kept using fossil fuels. In 1985, Obama’s science advisor John Holdren predicted that by now we’d be approaching a billion CO2-related deaths from famine.
Instead, malnutrition has decreased 40%. Billions more people are fed, and fossil fuels are a big reason why: diesel-based machines farm more efficiently than ever, natural gas fertilizers grow more crops than ever, and oil-based transportation makes more farms than ever accessible.
And it’s not just agriculture: fossil fuels make every aspect of life better, because they provide the cheapest, most plentiful, most reliable energy on the largest scale — meaning that billions of people can use machines to become more productive and prosperous.
In the US, where we have innovated with technologies such as shale energy, which enables us to use once-useless rocks to charge our iPhones, run our cars, and power a growing manufacturing sector, fossil fuel energy has saved us from a far worse recession. We should be doubling down on this technology.
We don’t need a “Clean Power Plan” — a euphemism for a blackout plan, which supports unreliable technologies while also ignoring the genuinely dirty mining processes used to build solar panels and wind turbines and batteries, and the process of disposing of their toxic elements once they stop working after 10 or 20 years.
We need a plan that liberates all the energy technologies, including fossil fuels, and letting them compete to the utmost to provide the most affordable, reliable energy for the most people.
Capitalism brought light to a dark world. Socialism seeks to extinguish it.

Holdren by the way was on the losing end of the Simon–Ehrlich Wager in which Julian Simon bet the loathsome Paul Ehrlich, Holdren and others that the prices of five metals would fall because their production would increase. Ehrlich picked the metals he thought would become scarce. He lost on all five.


  1. Reverse Cassandras, They are wrong, but are respected.

  2. Don, I expect you meant "global warming" as CAGW; that is Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming as the planet has been slowly warming overall since the last ice age, and about 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century and a half.

    Assuming long-term projections are accurate, this should get us, oohhhh, another tenth or two of a degree by the end of the century.

    Alas, putting it that way removes the opportunity for graft and political control.