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Thursday, August 27, 2015

George Will calls his readers fools and racists

This is not a good summer for Washington pundits. In June, they said Hillary was inevitable and Trump was a joke. Now they slog toward Labor Day aware that Democrats must turn to Biden, and Donald Trump is mocking them.

I was startled to read George Will attack Republican voters in his piece in National Review, "What to Make of Trump Fans’ Remarkable Cognitive Dissonance?"

I thought George Will was better than this

From George Will:
It is perhaps quixotic to try to distract Trump’s supporters with facts, which their leader, who is no stickler for dignity, considers beneath him. Still, consider these:
The white percentage of the electorate has been shrinking for decades and will be about two points smaller in 2016 than in 2012. In 2008, Barack Obama became the first president elected while losing the white vote by double digits. In 2012, Hispanics, the nation’s largest minority, were for the first time a double-digit (10 percent) portion of the electorate. White voters were nearly 90 percent of Romney’s vote. In 1988, George H.W. Bush won 59 percent of the white vote, which translated into 426 electoral votes. Twenty-four years later, Romney won 59 percent of the white vote and just 206 electoral votes. He lost the nonwhite vote by 63 points, receiving just 17 percent of it. If the Republicans’ 2016 nominee does not do better than Romney did among non-white voters, he will need 65 percent of the white vote, which was last achieved by Ronald Reagan when carrying 49 states in 1984. Romney did even slightly worse among Asian Americans — the fastest-growing minority — than among Hispanics. Evidently minorities generally detected Republican ambivalence, even animus about them. This was before Trump began receiving rapturous receptions because he obliterates inhibitions about venting hostility.
And there was this:
This is hardly the first time we have heard America singing lyrics like those of Trump’s curdled populism. Alabama Democrat George Wallace four times ran for president with salvos against Washington’s “briefcase totin’ bureaucrats who can’t even park their bicycles straight.” What is new is Trump promising, in the name of strength, to put America into a defensive crouch against “cunning” Mexicans and others.
And finally this:
In 2011, when Trump was a voluble “birther” — you remember: Obama supposedly was not born in America, hence he is an illegitimate president — an interviewer asked if he had people “searching in Hawaii” for facts. “Absolutely,” Trump said. “They can’t believe what they’re finding.” Trump reticence is rare, but he has never shared those findings. He now says, in effect: Oh, never mind. If in November 2016, the fragments of an ever smaller and more homogeneous GOP might be picked up with tweezers, Trump, having taken his act elsewhere, will look back over his shoulder at the wreckage he wrought and say: Oh, never mind.
So there you have it. Supporters of Trump are all racists and fools who are going to wreck the Republican Party.

Wow. You can say anything about the pol you want. Hell, Donald Trump will even help you on that. But attacking Trump's supporters is war. George Will has forgotten the first rule of newspaper writing: Never insult the readers. The easiest thing in the world to do is to stop reading. Right now, one in four Republicans is a Trump voter.

His column is merely a repeat of the liberal talking points that Republicans are the white party that will die out once all those people of other colors form a majority. Oddly enough, these were the very fears that Democratic Governor George Wallace spread 50 years ago. In fact, Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest fanned those flames 150 years ago as well.

I suppose I should point out that George Will's wife works for Scott Walker and that Will favored George H.W. Bush over Ronald Reagan back in the day. I draw the line at calling him a RINO. He's not. His conservative credentials are beyond reproach. But my gosh, maybe at 74 it is time to pack it in and let new conservative writers such as Jennifer Rubin take the stage.

The Republican Party is stronger today than ever before (well, since Hoover was president) with majorities in the Senate, Congress, gubernatorial mansions (31), state senates (36) and state Houses (33). Barack Obama's policies have turned those states red. Democrats will have to work hard to cheat Republicans in 2016 out of Florida, Iowa, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin -- states which represent 90 electoral college votes.

Donald Trump may be a joke, but his voters are not.


  1. Guys like him just don't get it that many Americans are getting really tired of being
    told what's what by elitist snobs like him. they live in the DC bubble insulated from our
    world by our tax dollars. Those dollars are getting harder to come up with all the time
    too...screw him and his ilk.

  2. Instead of talking to or about the voters (or supportes since there is nothing to say that those people will actually vote for Trump), just show Trump's positions on issues; both now and before he added the -R to his name.

  3. The Republican Party is stronger today than ever before..

    And yet the GOP leadership folds faster than Superman on laundry day*.

    * - shamelessly stolen from Jerry Seinfeld.

  4. I think George Will is the one experiencing cognitive dissonance. And well he should. This is the first time in all the decades I can remember that We The People have gained the upper hand over the Ruling Class. Not bad for a bunch of fools and racists.

    1. Not since 1980! Then again, I'm a fool for thinking that.

  5. george will, the boner of the media.

  6. It would take a sliver-tongued devil to insult a person into agreeing with him. Bill Clinton might be that good, but I doubt it.

  7. Will is just upset that voters who are---for now at least---in Trump's camp are not listening to him. The voters are giving Will a wedgie, and he doesn't like it. He fails to understand Trump's gut appeal to the average Joe and Jane. So let me fill him in: Trump is the "spite" candidate. No matter how crazy Trump's ideas are according to Will, no matter how incoherent his public statement are, people will support him in order to stick it to the Republican Party big shots, the party king makers, the fancy hired-gun campaign consultants and pimps, and the know-it-all pundits like Will himself. Will and his fellow Beltway scumbags MADE The Donald. If TRUMP didn't already exist before the campaign silly season began, someone would have invented him. The voters thought it was TIME, time to give people like Will the finger. Deal with it, George.

  8. Strange responses here. I don't think Will is calling Trump voters/supporters fools and racists at all. I think he is clearly stating that Trump may appeal greatly to white America with his offbeat and I would say bizarre campaign but recent presidential elections demonstrate that alienating the minority classes is a recipe for defeat. Is Will wrong? Someone counter the facts he presents. I think he is saying what I think: If Trump gets the R presidential nomination, then the Dem nominee, whomever that is, will sail into the White House.

    1. What are Trump's numbers among minority voters? It may be YUGE!