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Friday, August 07, 2015

Fox News wins the debate

Shut out of the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries, Fox News soared on Thursday night picking up an audience of 10 million people, according to CNN. That is triple Bill O'Reilly's or Megyn Kelly's numbers on a good night.

To put the number in perspective, the top rated cable show last week, "The Descendants," drew 6 million viewers.

From CNN:
Fox had high expectations for Thursday's kick-off to debate season. Rival executives and campaign aides also predicted unusually high ratings for the event, thanks to curiosity about Trump and the controversy over the "top ten" candidate criteria.
But the overnight numbers seemed to surpass everyone's expectations.
There was speculation on Friday morning that it may go down in the record books as the highest-rated Fox News telecast ever.
On Thursday night there was immediate indication of the audience's interest: the debate dominated social chatter on Twitter and Facebook.
CNN and CNBC get the next two debates.

Imagine how executives at MSNBC feel right now. They are shut out of the Republican debates and the Democratic Party debates as well. Turns out people like debates instead of watching talking heads prattle on and on. Who knew?


  1. Candidates better be prepared to fire broadsides at the CNN anchors (love those battleship references).

    1. Debates aren't fights between the candidates and anchors. They are opportunities for the American People to learn about the candidates. The candidates should take the opportunity to explain their views and why they would make the best choice.

    2. Depends on what questions they're asking.

  2. Sam, the iron got a little sharpened last night. The candidates didn't exactly get the kid-glove treatment. I did hate that they referenced "war on women": that's such a democrat talking-point.

    1. The "War on Women" may have been contrived by the Democrats, but it did help them win the Senate in 2010 and perhaps the presidency in 2012. Republicans can't fuel the fire by attacking Megyn Kelly for being a woman, as one particular candidate named Trump did. The other candidates seemed fine with the questions and didn't whine about them. After all, we *should* ask tough questions of our leaders.

    2. Lincoln, Douglas. The moderator should introduce the candidates, the order of discussion, name the topic, and shut the heck up.
      The posturing in an attempt to zero in on one candidate and grind them down is not what we need.
      The GOPe is selling us down the river and over the falls. We want the policies of Obomiunism REVERSED, not shifted down one gear. If it takes Trump to stop the Chamber of Communists, lets do it. We need to get rid of Boener McConnell as bad as we needed to throw Nancy P Lousy and dingy Harry to the dogs. Same turd, different end. Neither is clean.

  3. Fox did not win the debate. The lost in front of a record crowd. It wasn't a sell out crowd, that was the red state event Saturday. IYKWIMAITYD