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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Condescension of the day

How dare you support Donald Trump! A columnist for the Atlantic wants to set all of you straight.

And we know how much conservatives look to the Atlantic for guidance.
From Conor Friedersdorf:
Dear Donald Trump Supporters:
You’re fed up. This much I understand. You’re fed up with politicians who say one thing on the campaign trail, like that they’re going to stop illegal immigration, and then do another in Washington; you’re fed up with insiders who rig the system for their benefit at your expense; and you’re fed up with coastal media elites and their insular subculture.
On some level I sympathize. In the last presidential election, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for any of the candidates. I just left it blank. I wanted nothing to do with my awful options.
What I don’t understand is why you think a President Trump would treat us better. If you elect the billionaire, what makes you think that he will use whatever talents that he possesses to address your grievances rather than to benefit himself? After all, he’s a man who has zealously pursued his self-interest all his life.
He’s done so as a developer in New York City, where one must be a connected insider to succeed in real estate. He is himself a member of the media elite: a reality television start who had lucrative relationships with NBC and Univision. When he has a problem with Fox News, he calls Roger Ailes on the phone!
Remember that moment in the Republican debate where he talked about giving money to politicians so that, if he wanted them to do something, they would? Then he was asked, you gave money to Hillary Clinton, so what, exactly, did she do for you? He replied that when he called and told her to come to his wedding, she did. If you were getting married, would you want Hillary Clinton sitting in the front row?
And so on and on. Just what people in their 60s need -- sage advice from a fellow who voted for Barack Obama twice because he was cool and black.

Let's get something straight: I support Carly Fiorina but I have a great deal of respect for Trump supporters. They are not naive and they do not Andrew Sullivan's former protege to Libsplain politics to them.


  1. There are touchstones and then there are touchstones: some will tell you right, and the others tell you wrong (like movie reviewers), I find The Atlantic a do-not-touchstone.

  2. You can't know for sure how much self-interest a politician will exercise once he gets into the White House. It's like hiring anyone. On one level you just don't know.
    From all appearances, Trump looks to be the least buy-able of either party. He doesn't need this job.

    1. "He doesn't need this job" appeals to many people

  3. Donald Trump will fail because he is not a "natural-born American". His paternal grandparents immigrated from Germany, and his mother was born in Scotland. Plus his grandfather ran a business in British Columbia during the Klondike Rush.


  4. Where was he born? Was his father a U.S. citizen? What you wrote does not seem to preclude this.