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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Black Lives Matter rejects Bernie

The Black Lives Matter movement shut down Bernie Sanderson Saturday.

Which is surprising.

The political machine that created Barack Obama eight years ago is behind Bernie, giving him the same full stadium crowds Obama got in 2007 and 2008.

What the heck is going on?

First, the story:
Bernie Sanders came to Seattle on Saturday with plans to give two speeches.
The first didn’t happen. An appearance by the senator from Vermont at an event celebrating the anniversary of Social Security and Medicare was scuttled after protesters from a local Black Lives Matter chapter took over the stage.
Hours later, Sanders, who has been drawing bigger crowds than any other presidential contender, drew his largest yet: about 15,000 at the college basketball arena where the Washington Huskies play.
So the Obama side of the campaign is pumping up Bernie with the Obama Youth movement, only to bring him down with the Black Lives Matter enforcers.

What is going on is a way to purge the Democratic Party of the Clintons, whom party leaders loathe. Why? The Clintonian Third Way worked and Democrats are trying to undo it as much as they are trying to undo Reagan.

Balanced budget? Repealed.

DOMA? Repealed.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Removed.

Welfare reform? Rescinded.

Obama giveth, Obama taketh. Bernie's purpose is to dump Hillary and pave the way for Joe Biden.

Remember, black people are one-fourth of the Democratic vote. Black voters stay home, and a Republican is elected in 2016. Democrats know this. Bernie and O'Malley are not going to get the nomination. That message was sent to Bernie on Saturday in Seattle.

How will this play out in the general election? Who knows?


  1. If the blacks ever truly realize how much they are being played and led around by the Dems, and are able to count up for how many years this has been going on, and how complicit their "leaders" have been...ah, who'm I kidding besides myself?

  2. Democrats created this mess with victimization politics, shaming language, and ever-tightening speech codes, so it's nice to see them punked by it. Schadenfreude. Hoist upon their own petard. Whatever you want to call it.

  3. I have my theory. Read it here:

  4. Black Lives Matter, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hillary for America.

  5. What, they actually have black people in Seattle?