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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Billionaires for Bernie

Faux Populist.

The rich long ago figured out how to profit from socialism. Why do you think FDR, JFK and Jay Rockefeller supported bigger and bigger government?

And so George Soros (worth $9 billion before Obama's presidency began, $24 billion today) indulges in this luxury. And this year Soros is underwriting large chunks of the campaign of that young man Bernie Sanders.

From Cliff Kincaid: "Soros isn’t the only billionaire financing groups or causes that Sanders believes in. Others include billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, billionaire gay activist Tim Gill, and billionaire anti-Second Amendment advocate Michael Bloomberg."

Warren Buffett has supported Democrats for eons. Bill Gates too. And Carlos Slim covers the debts of the New York Times. They are the three richest men in the world.


  1. The presidents of this country, Dems and Rs alike, don't subscribe to an ideology like you assert Don. They bow to Wall Street and billionaires. You die-hard conservatives and flaming libs just don't get it. For all those who think Obama and his Ds are socialists, please tell me how your many freedoms that you enjoy every single day have been life-altering. Likewise Rs, please tell me how Reagan and the Bush presidencies have brought so much wealth and prosperity into your lives. Rs and Ds equally don't get it. Our elected leaders in D.C. serve the elite first and foremost. Want a president to change all that? Good luck, there is not one candidate, R or D, that will. Love you ridiculing Sanders' age Surber. Like Reagan was a young stud when he was elected prez.

    1. Actually I prospered under Reagan and Bush 41.They ended inflation. I paid 19.5% interest on a home loan. So basically, bite me. Reagan could handle 70. Bernie can't

    2. "Our elected leaders in D.C. serve the elite first and foremost"

      Given the facts, I assume you'd be willing to include the big labor unions in the category of "elite", yes? After all, Obama's bailout of GM didn't do a lot for the wealthy creditors he forced to take a haircut (an illegal one at that), but the unions and the union pension funds certainly made off like the bandits they are. Obama's rescue of the labor unions was no small peanuts.

    3. Don - this is why there are so few comments on your blog. Your home loan interest is all the proof needed to prove you prospered under R presidents? Beyond hilarious. What credibility .... not. "Reagan could handle 70. Bernie cant" And your proof and credentials to make such a declaration from your basement in Podunk, West Virginia?

  2. For "ions"? Eons? Aeons? Billions?

  3. Stan on the BrazosAugust 25, 2015 at 2:13 PM

    The corrupt government spends about 4 trillion a year, if a Soros or Steyer can get a billion of that per year, well as the typical pol claims that billon is just "round-off error." As the company I retired from said "we will not pimp or whore for pols or government, but we will arbitrage governmental stupidity."