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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bernie and Trump show our contempt for Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama

The presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton and Jeb! Bush have ended. They just do not realize it yet.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump now lead the presidential nomination contests for their respective parties. Do not believe polls that show Hillary up a point. He's drawing large crows of voters; she's drawing large swarms of FBI investigators. The two surprise Washington elitists and so the cry goes out that these are angry voters who want an outsider.

It is not that simple. Voters see a re-match of Bush versus Clinton and they absolutely hate it.

Republicans reflect on the 12 years of Bush and Son. and wonder why they went to the mat for them. Dan Quayle? Really? Why didn't Bush 41 go into Baghdad? Why did Bush 43 go in?

Democrats reflect on 16 years of  Clinton and Obama and ask themselves why they fell on the sword for Bill Clinton. So Republicans could take over the House for the first tome in 40 years? So he could have a blowjob? They look at Obama and wonder why he did not go single-payer on health insurance when he had the chance instead of this mess. And for white Democratic voters, the now constant drumbeat of race, race, race is annoying. Black Lives Matter but no one else? Except for lunatic white communists, no white person wants a race war, but the NAACP and Al Sharpton want to drum one up.

No one is saying these things, of course, but that is what is behind this.

Washington Republicans have no agenda. Obama rolls them now. The Iran deal should require two-thirds approval in the Senate. That is what the Constitution says. Instead, Washington Republicans made it a requirement to get two-thirds disapproval to stop it.


Balanced budget?


Is there anyone in the House or the Senate?

Voters do not pay all that much attention to politics. Republicans see the name Jeb! Bush and look for an alternative. Enter Trump. Neither Walker nor Kasich has had a clue this election cycle. They play nice. Voters do not want nice. They want action. They want someone who will attack our enemies, be she Hillary or Megyn Kelly, or be he Jorge Ramos or Vladimir Putin.

Bernie Sanders keeps pumping out 19th century communism to the delight of unionists and college students. Whether that carries him to the nomination, we shall see. But he is knocking off Hillary just as Gene McCarthy took out LBJ in 1968.

Call the Weekenders at Bernie's and the Trumpkins angry and whatever other pejoratives you may, but the fact is they do not want another President Bush or a second President Clinton. Most Americans have not been satisfied with a president since Reagan. They know what they get with a Bush or a Clinton, that is why Bernie and Trump lead their races.


  1. I think Democrats like Bernie for the same reason many Republicans like Trump; they're blunt about where they stand. Whether you love or hate Sanders, he hasn't "triangulated" they way Clinton and others have. Gotta respect him for that.

    I have many, many issues with Trump, but he has been fairly consistent this campaign season, and it is fun watching him punch back. If Romney had done that four years ago he almost certainly would have been elected.

    One nit to pick: how is Ms. Kelly an enemy? Because she asked Teh Donald hard questions? Is she supposed to roll over for the Republican candidates? If Trump can't handle one Fox newslady during the run-up, he's gonna lose it in the general.

  2. I agree but the Democrats only have Bernie, the Republicans have some wonderful lucid candidates to offer up. Why can't we coalesce around Carly Fiorina or Ben Carsen. Is this some kind of sick game of poker? I'll see your crazy communist and raise you a sociopath with bad hair! For God's sake we have Ted Cruz too. He has been on the outside since getting on the inside. They HATE him which means we should revere him. If Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders were the last two standing, then it is time to pack it in, as a country we would all lose.

    1. Sheryl - I will raise your statement, "If Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders were the last two standing, then it is time to pack it in, as a country we would all lose."
      Choose any R and D combination you want. Any! No matter who the last two are standing to square off in the general (three if Trump goes loses and then runs as an independent), this country is about to lose big no matter what. Glad to read Surber realizes - finally - that the Rs are just as dysfunctional as the Ds.