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Friday, August 21, 2015

Ben and Jerry demand Democrats stay bought

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield became so rich in selling ice cream that they can afford to be socialists. They are using their loot to push that agenda. And now that a few of the Democratic politicians they have bought over the years are having second thoughts about arming Iran with nukes, the godfathers of Vermont socialism are pulling their strings.
In a missive on behalf of Move On the pair are calling for Democratic millionaires and billionaires to go on a "donor strike" against any Democrat who dares stand up to the president. They demand people sign their petition. Dissent is UNPATRIOTIC!

Via the Observer:
According to the email, over 25,000 people have signed the petition. The letter also claims that President Obama is four votes shy of being able to stop the Senate from overriding his veto.
Those who fear that the ten-year deal does not provide the region long-term security might propose a new flavor to the company, known for its puns: “Iran So Far Away.” (If there are no Flock of Seagulls fans left out there, it is perhaps also worth noting that Observer writer Abby Ellin is the inventor of the flavor Karamel Sutra.)
It's their money. They should spend it how they want. Just knock off the hypocritical criticism of the Koch Brothers.

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