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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Andrew Breitbart smiles

Shortly after midnight on Saturday, May 28, 2011, Andrew Breitbart re-tweeted Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner's photo of his wiener in his bikini briefs, which the Democratic congressman had sent a college student in Washington state emulating his hero (and the huusband of his wife's boss) Bill Clinton.

The Left attacked Breitbart viciously saying it was fake, and private, and Weiner said his site had been hacked.

For three long weeks Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood by him. Finally after becoming a national joke, he resigned.

Donald Trump remembers.

From the London Daily Mail:
Discussing the Clinton email saga, Trump accused Abedin of passing information from those emails to her husband Anthony Weiner, who he branded 'one of the biggest sleaze bags of our time.'
Addressing a cheering crowd, Trump said: 'She [Huma] is getting secrets and she is married to Another Weiner. She's married to this guy, who, by the way, now works for a PR firm.
'Who thinks there's even a five per cent chance that she's not telling him what she's coming across?'
In one of his most personal attacks yet, Trump also called Weiner a 'perv' and 'a bad guy' referring to the scandal the engulfed Weiner after he was caught sending intimate pictures of himself to several different women.
Weiner was forced to resign his seat in Congress over the issue in 2011, and in 2013 saw his bid to become Mayor of New York implode after Sydney Leathers came forward with more images.
Speaking in an animated voice, he accused Hillary and Jeb Bush of being 'low energy' candidates, asking the crowd: 'Who would you rather have negotiating with Iran, me or [them]?'
Asked which of the Democratic candidates he would like to face if he is nominated as the Republican candidate for President, Trump said he 'didn't care' before later adding that 'I don't know if Hillary is going to make the starting gate'.
Why does this matter? Because it shows Hillary Clinton is a weak woman who surrounds herself with weak women and our enemies will crush them.

Huma Weiner is her chief of staff. Fair game. If a woman cannot run her own house, how is she supposed to run the White House?


  1. I miss Andrew Breitbart. And his mischievous smile.

  2. "Addressing a cheering crowd, Trump said: 'She [Huma] is getting secrets and she is married to Another Weiner."

    Another? Or Anthony?

  3. I'm having Polish sausages for dinner tonight, Don. My neighbor's name is Carlos, a naturalized American citizen who is originally from Mexico (and a fine American he is). I'll try not to crack a smile thinking about Anthony (aka "Carlos Danger") while eating dinner. Trump is a hoot.